Cape Adventure Ch. 05

Special thanks to J.M, J.F and E.R


The cool breeze in the air, and the soft sunlight coming down was the first thing to wake Jess. She finds herself, sprawled out on the lawn chair on her deck. Her hand is down her panties, and her shirt is a … Read Sex Story


Caught by the Tide Ch. 01

The wonderful thing about wearing sunglasses is that people can’t tell when you’re watching them. Especially if, to all outward appearances, you seem to be doing something quite different. Like reading a book.

I adjusted the rolled-up sweater behind my neck and settled back down, my head supported by a … Read Sex Story


A Late Night Visitor

As Katlyn lay in bed, she wondered when she would be with her baby again. They hadn’t been able to be together for quite some time. Mark had been away, and was due to be released from Jail soon. He’d been involved in an armed robbery, and had been sentenced … Read Sex Story


Brenda’s New Doctor

I had just finished shaving and showering. Brenda, my girlfriend, was still asleep. Or, so I thought. I pulled on my underwear and a pair of jeans. When I left the bathroom to find a shirt and socks so I could go mow the lawn, I entered the bedroom and … Read Sex Story


Brennus and Victoria Ch. 02

Day 2

I awake and am unsure of my surroundings, then realize I am at my new home and, to my horror my new husband is lying next to me, encircling my body with his. His arm is over my upper body and holding my hand by my head. It’s … Read Sex Story


Bri’s Summer

It was the beginning of the summer and things were going from bad to worse for Bri. She had assumed that summer between high school and university would be filled with tanning, going to the gym, and partying every night. That was what her two older sisters had done and … Read Sex Story



I had met him on a dating service (which will go un-named). He had no face, just a name. Why not, I asked myself. If it didn’t work I could always put him on my ignore list, like I had Fred. But he’s another story.

He had left me a … Read Sex Story



Ever since I saw you in your bridesmaid dress I’ve been looking forward to the end of the night, you look absolutely beautiful I didn’t think it was possible for you to make me want you more than I already do, I’ve wanted to tell you all day as to … Read Sex Story


Brian’s Crush

Brian didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to quit his job cleaning rooms at the nursing room. It wasn’t that he loved cleaning up shit. It wasn’t even because he’d miss some of the cool old people that lived there, although he would. Brian had a crush. The very … Read Sex Story


Bridesmaid and Bartender Ch. 2

Never had she known such feelings of raw lust, she knew she had to say something, break this spell before she became nothing but a puddle at his feet. Clearing her throat and flashing him a brilliant smile, she asked his name. “I’m Matt, he replied, a friend of Doug’s…and … Read Sex Story