A chance meeting on a train with a virgin.

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A chance meeting on a train with a virgin. This is not real - it is just story. I’m Jack and I’m travelling to Scotland on business. I’m 55, fit, dark short hair (with salt and pepper highlights), trim but carrying a little extra around the waist.

She has an attractive face and, like me, could do with losing a couple of pounds. She’s been on the phone for 30 minutes obviously talking to her friends. She’s Scottish with bubbly outgoing personality. If I was 25 years younger I would love to have become more than friends with this girl.

Anyway I open my flask of coffee and iPad. As the miles pass the young lady opens a laptop and appears to be working. Our eyes occasional meet, we just smile and return to our electronic devices. We laugh and I reintroduce myself by my xhamster name.

Her mouth drops, “I’ve just been reading one of your stories. That’s yours?” She shows me the page, “Yes that’s me” I say smiling. No, we didn’t drop down on the floor and bonk like most stories. We sat down and chatted for the next 20 minutes of the train journey.

As we started up the platform and are about to go our separate ways I handed her my card. “I’m up here for the week and if you fancy a meal I would enjoy the company. ” She starts to speak, “I don’t…. ” “I do only mean a meal and some company, and nothing more.

” I say smiling at Amy - a very pretty young lady, “Thanks for a very enjoyable train journey. Bye. ” “Bye,” she says. Thinking ‘I guess I’d better change my tickles and get back home’.

I didn’t really fancy another meal eating alone. I’m standing at the hotel reception desk and as the receptionist approaches my phone goes off. “Sorry. Just let me get this.

” “Hello, Jack speaking,” to the anonymous call number. “Hi Jack its Amy!” “Amy. Amy. Amy I can’t….

. ”I say as I’ve met so many people in the last couple of days. “Ah, Amy from the train? Yes I’m sorry what…. .

” She cuts me off by saying “It’s Ok. Is the invitation still open for a meal?” “Yes of course. ” Astounded I ask, “When?” We meet up for lunch and have a great time. I drop her back at her flat and I give her a fatherly kiss.

“Thanks for the company. ” “When do you go back?” “Probably in the morning as the business meetings are concluded” I say. She looks disappointed but says nothing. I watch her go up to her front door before driving away.

‘If it was a porn film I would be bonking her all afternoon instead of driving back to my hotel’ I wish!!!! Half way back to the hotel the phone goes. Not recognising the number I was about to decline the call but decided, ‘if a client wants to see me I might as well meet face to face’. “Hi it’s Jack.

” I wait for a response. The phone goes dead. Oh well I’m not ringing them back. Pulling up at the hotel the phone goes again.

“Hi it’s’ Jack. Hello!” again no response. Someone’s playing silly buggers. Getting my key and moving to the lift the phone goes again.

“Hi it’s Jack. Hello? Can you hear me?” Getting a little tired I say, “it your last chance. Speak now or be forever sorry!” I wait for a couple of seconds then, “Hi Jack. .