A Commitment is a Commitment

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It was my mothers 38th birthday in two weeks and I had been searching for a book she used to have from school, she had often told me about it. And one day she went into the loft to get it to show me. I had been showing an interest in poetry, which had surprised her greatly, me being Mr Macho and all that.

She called to me and I climbed the ladder. We hadn't been up there for years and had forgotten how much junk she and my dad had collected, but she couldn't find the book anywhere. We even stripped it nearly, we had a real clear out and lots of fun doing it, finding all sorts of forgotten things, photo's, school reports, letters, cards, boxes of this, boxes of that, there was tons of it.

But of the book there was no sign, my mom was so upset, she had had it since she was a c***d and it had helped her get her A's in English, and on top of that she was a true poetry lover. She described it to me, remembered the name of the author but wasn't sure of the spelling. So I made a mission to locate a copy and make it her up coming birthday present.

I started at my local library, the lady there did all she could she went through all the files, it took three days in all for her to come up a blank. To say I was surprised was underestimating my disappointment. She gave me a few trails to follow so I spent time on my PC I ended up trailing right around the world looking for it, it just seemed to have disappeared, dropped off the edge of the world for some reason.

Let me tell you about her, and me if it comes to that. She is Angela Morris, 38 in two weeks and I love her with all my heart, and yes I would if I could. I'm 18 for fucks sake, but she's my mother okay! She is about 5ft 3' tall soft brown hair, that still looks good even for an aged woman like her.

I turned 18 just two months ago and yes I am like a lot, or most guys my age. I have a older woman thing, especially since I have an older woman who is beautiful and living in the same house as me. She knows my secret and smiles at me in that knowing way that a woman has when she is under scrutiny from a man, or should I say a boy with hormones coming out of his ears.

So I was always gently put in my place and no harm done, it actually made me love her more knowing she knew and understood. I would jack off because of her and Frank's mother too, he's my best pal and we both have the same fixation, we would both love to fuck our mothers, but he doesn't know I would like to fuck his too.

Like I said, I am Sandy, 18 years old, 6ft tall, not bad looking, have girlfriends so I know I'm okay in that department, it's the same with Frank, we hunt together and go solo too. I'm worldly wise, know all there is to know about women and have them hanging of my shirt tails, like fuck I do! But I have had sex a few times so I do know a little about girls, but I wanted to fuck a woman, a real woman.

. . . .