A Holiday Surprise Ch. 01

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Some time ago I watched a news special about a condition known as sl**p sex. According to the special, some men and women masturbate, and even engage in sexual activity while sl**ping. Those who suffer from this condition are usually unaware that they are engaged in sexual activity while sl**ping.

But wouldn't it be interesting if the condition is hereditary? Carol Walters sat in the small examination room and listened as Dr. Prague went over the results of the tests he'd done on her. 'Miss Walters, I have good news for you. You are in excellent health.

Every test we've run comes back normal. ' 'That is good news,' Carol said feeling relieved. I was worried that something was wrong when I noticed bl**d spots in my underwear. ' 'The spotting seems to be a side effect of your birth control pills.

That is one of the more common side effects. ' Carol became confused by the doctor's diagnosis. 'I don't understand. I've taken birth control pills for over twenty years.

Why would they start affecting me like this after two decades of use?' 'Side effects from medicines sometimes pop up immediately. Other times, as our bodies change, the side effects begin occurring later in life. You're thirty nine years old. Your body is bound to go through changes.

' 'Doesn't the risk of pregnancy go down as you get older?' 'The risk of pregnancy doesn't go away just because you're getting older. You should always use precautions as long as your body is producing eggs. ' Carol shrugged her shoulders. 'It doesn't really matter anyway.

I haven't had sex in four years. So, I don't have to worry about getting pregnant. ' 'Is there a reason you've stopped having sex? I'm asking as your doctor. ' The tall redhead shook her head.

'No, I'm just so busy with my clients that I usually don't have time for a social life. Besides, as much as I hate to admit it, I've sort of given up on men. I've never met Mister Right. Men are usually intimidated by a successful New York attorney.

Quite often they see themselves being taken to the cleaners if we get married and then end up getting a divorce, so most don't even try. Besides, I'm nearly forty, so the thought of meeting the man of my dreams is no longer a priority to me. ' Dr. Prague nodded his understanding.

'If you choose to go off the pill, the spotting should stop after a week or two. ' 'That's good news. I can start wearing thongs again. I hate these damn panties.

' Dr. 'Carol, if you do begin having sex again, I suggest you use condoms, or another form of birth control. Also, if the spotting continues for more than six weeks after you discontinue taking the pills, make another appointment to see me. ' 'Thank you Doctor Prague.

Carol was able to go back to wearing thongs. The bleeding stopped ten days after she discontinued taking her birth control pills. The Holidays had finally arrived, and Carol was looking forward to spending Christmas and New Years Eve with her older s****r, Emily, and her s****r's f****y. .