A Late Night Visitor

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As Katlyn lay in bed, she wondered when she would be with her baby again. They hadn't been able to be together for quite some time. Mark had been away, and was due to be released from Jail soon. He'd been involved in an armed robbery, and had been sentenced to five years.

She chose Mark. She missed him so much, and wished the time would soon pass. What Katlyn didn't know was that Mark had been released earlier that day . .

. . . Mark was thirty four years old, five foot, ten inches, medium build, dark hair and hazel eyes.

He took her innocence three years after they first met, at the tender age of thirteen, and Mark was just fourteen himself. Katlyn had loved, and been in love with him for over twenty years. Her parents had never approved of Mark from the first time they set eyes on him, and had never accepted how their daughter felt about him, or him about her, and they never would accept it.

Katlyn herself, was eight months younger than Mark, at thirty three, was five foot, six inches, slim, long auburn hair and blue-eyed. She kept herself in shape, by swimming three to four times a week. But her favourite workout involved a wild romp between the sheets in private, or in the water as a pleasant surprise.

She most enjoyed feasting herself on Mark's monster of a cock. She could remember the very first time she felt his beast, bulging in his jeans, remembered how he tried to be as gentle as possible, when he slipped into her for the first time. Just remembering how it felt, made her shiver with a desperate need to be fucked with that massive cock, and the thought of it made her wet.

But he had not told Katlyn. He wanted it to be a surprise -- a very nice surprise! He had it all worked out and planned in his mind of what he intended to do. He couldn't risk his sweetheart finding out, so he told nobody. It had to be the perfect reunion for them.

He would keep himself hidden away, in a middle-of-the-range hotel until that night -- late that night. He knew her routine well. He knew that she would be in bed by ten thirty, asleep by eleven. He would arrive at eleven thirty.

It sure did feel good to taste a cool beer again, after his time inside. It was one of the little things he had missed. He'd missed being with his Katlyn more, and he had refused to let her visit him while he was in Jail. He did not want her to see him in that place.

That was one of the hardest things he had to endure, not seeing his sweetheart in the flesh. He had his cell walls covered in her photos. But soon he'd be seeing her again. He glanced at the clock, and saw it was time to put his plan into action.

Grabbing his bag, he checked out and headed off into the night. ****** Soon he was standing outside, in the shadows, just watching. He still had the keys she'd given him, and had to hold back the urge to let himself in. It was too soon.

The throbbing in his jeans began to hurt. But he knew it wouldn't be long before he would be freeing his stiffening cock. He looked at his watch, and saw it was time, the remaining minutes had finally passed. He stepped out of the shadows, crossed the street, the keys in his hand.

. . . .

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