A Late Night Visitor

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As he reached her bedroom door, the first door on the left, he found it slighty ajar and slipped inside. There, sleeping, was his Katlyn. For a few moments, he just stood, looking at her. Then he crept silently across the room.

He laid down his bag, and began to undress, his cock springing upwards, fully erect now. As he pulled back the covers, Katlyn murmured in her sleep. He hesitated, wondering if she would wake. She didn't, so he slipped in next to her.

At first, he did nothing, but watch her, then he lowered his lips gently onto her's, and placed a small, soft kiss on her. She did not respond. He tried again, a little more firmly this time. But Katlyn still did not return his kiss.

Again he tried, and this time, she responded, and kissed him back softly. His hand slid over her breasts. With his other, he slid it between her legs and stroked her pussy. Katlyn whimpered.

She didn't realise what she thought was a wonderful, delicious dream, was real. Mark softly called her name, and she ever so slowly opened her eyes. She circled his neck with her arms, and whispered, 'Is it really you, baby?'. He answered, not with words, but by kissing her eagerly.

As he climbed on top of her, she opened her legs, letting him slip in between. He pushed his huge monster forwards, and as she felt the head of his cock entering her, she let out a low moan. ****** It felt like the first time all over again, as he slowly and gently pushed each and every inch into her.

Once he had all ten inches inside her, he held himself there for a few moments, before he slowly withdrew. He intended to take his time over this first fuck. There was no need to rush it. All he wanted to do, at that moment, was make sweet, slow love to her.

He hadn't even begun, but Katlyn was already quite wet. It didn't take very long before Katlyn had reached climax. Mark had only made half a dozen strokes, before she had her first orgasm in a long time. It seemed to last forever, and Mark's cock was drenched.

Still he continued his slow fucking, making sure he used all his ten inches. His balls were tightening, but he would not shoot his load yet. Katlyn came again and again, and again. As one climax ended, another began.

She was starting to feel dizzy and light-headed. Mark was fighting the urge to release himself deep inside her. But he knew he would not be able to hold on for very much longer. The twitching and tightening of his balls was starting to become unbearable.

He would have to cum soon. Katlyn hit another orgasm, and it was this that made Mark release his own load. ****** Although Mark's cock was semi-limp, he did not pull out. Instead, he stayed deep inside her.

She still could not believe this was happening, that he was really there, making love to her again. She could feel that he was hardening again and she needed to feel him in her mouth once more. She pushed him off her, his monster, almost fully hard again, coming out of her, and she went down on her sexy lover, sliding her mouth over his manhood.

She had never been able to deep throat him, but she was going to try. Inch by inch, she took him. Hearing his moans of pure pleasure spurned her on. Lower and lower she went, until she finally had all of him in her mouth.

. . . .

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