A Late Night Visitor

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Then, with no warning at all, Mark's cock gave a violent jerk, and his hot cum ejaculated deep into her mouth. He pulled her off and into his arms. For a few moments, they did nothing, but lay there. The feel of her naked skin, next to his, made his cock twitch once more.

Katlyn knew what Mark would like, and that was having her on top of him, riding him. Mark had always loved having Katlyn on top. She pulled out of his embrace, and climbed on top, his huge cock slipped inside her with ease. She rode him slowly, his cock going deeper than ever before.

He could feel his balls tightening again and he could not hold back this time, and released himself into her. He pulled her back into his arms, and held her. Neither of them spoke, for there was no need for words. Their love making had said it all.

His surprise reunion had turned out better than he had even hoped it would. He was back where he wanted to be, back in the bed of his much loved sweetheart. As they drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms, they both knew that come the morning, the rest of their lives together would begin, and nobody or anything would tear them apart ever again.

. . . .

. . . .

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