A Mothers Secrets

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But before I start I will let you know a little more about me. I am a mother of two handsome sons and I currently live in Sweden. My first sexual encounter with a boy was when I was 19 and he was only 13. The relation was kept a secret.

I was ashamed of my feelings for young men at the time so I went the 'opposite' and married a man almost 10 years older than me. I met my husband when I was 19 and I got pregnant at 21 - at that time I thought I had lost all contact with my depraved fantasies. A few years later I took up school & and got gym teacher education.

I was now 29 and moving into my thirties. Very soon after my husband got a job abroad. And it was therefore decided we should move closer to an international airport. We moved the same year, and I got a job at a new job as a gym teacher that fall at a new school.

At that time my sons was 8 and 9 and they were very different. My youngest was shy and timid. But my older son Peter was growing up w charm and wit, (I must admit Peter was my favourite although I loved them both). During the years to come my husband only came home for vacations and holidays.

But I never moaned when he left after a week. (We had no sex at all during his stays). I had now started to fantasize vividly about them: boys in tight shorts, naked boys in the shower, boys everywhere. I dreamed of how I was going to seduce and fuck them.

I can basically bend down and put my hands in the floor with absolutely straight legs -my ass is just as firm as when I was 16. But even if I am well trained I have remained very feminine. My breast are very big, I always take good care of my size D tits. But my real pride now is my face.

My lips are full and my eyes are a mix of green and brown. At home I try to wear as little as possible both at work and at home. . .

. It is a very erotic. I soon found a way to spy on the boys from class. I found a hole in the wall, connected to my office.

I could see them come into the shower completely nude. It made me crazy with lust, at times had to change panties 2-3 times a day from fingering my clit and asshole. After a while I saw no reason to wear them anymore. .

. . It was turning me on to see them touch my D size tits with their eyes. I masturbated like crazy during nights dreaming how they licked my well trimmed pussy and fingered my asshole.

But no seduction really happened, I was just to scared to be caught. After my 2-3 years at the school I knew how much I was turning boys on. I could see some of them getting hard-ons as I walked the school yard, my ass pouting out in high heels and tight shorts and my big breasts standing out with hard nipples.

. . . .