A sexual and sensorial renewal

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I take some time to massage my muscles, starting by my shoulders to help them be less tense. Then I do flexibility exercises, re-aligning my body and helping me breathe in a more sustainable way, which in turn allows for longer-lasting erection and solidity, sitting down in meditation position, I enjoy teasing the sole of my feet, slowly embracing the sensations in a relaxation stance.

She had blonde short hair. A very flexible woman. Some said of her she had small tits, but I knew 'em tits, they were small because she was in shape and didn't have much fat, but, her whole shape was very gracious, slim, her nipples surprisingly big due to the arousal. She had this planified.

She knew that by the time she'd go bring the k**s to school, I'd probably had time to do what I did: take a shower, a light breakfast, water, got all groomed up freshly-shaved, let my hair undone, she prefers it that way. I had some green tea, too, some dark chocolate also, but the one without much sugar in it, as I find it boosts my performance sometimes to mix the two together, affects bl**d pressure a bit by getting it higher, so, the erection is different, as if the whole body reacts differently to stimuli when I am in this state.

She looked at me and I saw in her looks that she was very moved by all this, she felt very confident and I loved her for that too. I was very happy too, but taking it more low-profile, focused on here and now. So I smiled to her timidly but I felt very comfortable with her, and I wrapped my left arm around her right and got closer to her, laying her on the carpet, sucking on he left nipple slowly at first, then licking it with hard strokes of the tongue, but no biting, and lots of lip-work.

The look on her face was so nice to see when I'd occasionally check on her face for inspiration or curiosity, stimulation, whatever the name it wears, I felt she had longing for this since a way longer while than I had thought. And with all those exercises I had just done, I felt very strong and flexible, and I put my body sideways with my left hand gripping to her right shoulder and I wrapped my other hand on her left rib-side, playing sensually with my fingers on her sides, which felt so small but dense, her body in shape, I knew she would enjoy to feel my dick slowly rubbing against her right lip then rubbing frantically against her clit to slowly rub on the small lips, and then we were kissing and I felt so taken by this desire I had cultivated in her, it had grown into something I hoped with all my heart I would be able to satisfy, both in her and in myself.

So we were kissing and all of a sudden she pushes me so that I end up laying on my back, then she told me: - Are you more flexible than you were back then? I smiled. I looked into her a eyes a short moment and she looked back with that shiny look in her eyes, she slowly placed her arms on my shoulders and stood on her knees in an angle allowing deeper penetration but better stimulation of her inner spot, then that's when I felt it.

At first, it was very warm on my penis, I felt like relief had finally arrived, and that I had not yet realized that this was only temporary, and that the aftermath would be very debilitating. But I loved her so much. I could not allow myself to go like that and not please her with this gift she had been longing for.

. . . .