a very special girl

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'Slam!' Everyone in the hallway jumped slightly, turned and quickly looked at the tall girl near the sound of the slamming locker. Satisfied that there was no crisis at hand, the k**s at the school mostly went about their business. Of course, there were the few admirers that glanced at the girl at the locker, but it was no major deal.

She swung her backpack over her shoulder, and strode slowly along the bustling hallways of her high school, smiling and waving at friends. Simply put, she was definitely a looker. Marilyn's face had a nice soft look to it, complemented well by her light make-up and a smile that could light up a room.

Her dark chocolate complexion was only highlighted by her long, ink-black hair that was lightly permed and that brushed against the middle of her back as she walked. Looking down past her wide masculine shoulders, one could see her endowments through her light blue uniform shirt. Her 40DD breasts, while not as big as the would appear on shorter females, definitely did impress, especially in contrast to her 26 inch waist.

Her blue plaid, turned-up uniform skirt showed off her somewhat narrow hips, and her round enticing bottom. Her legs extended from the short shirt, smooth as a baby's bottom from the shave she did this morning and uncovered by any stockings. However, what would prove most interesting was what was between her legs.

It was annoying as hell to her to have guys try to pick up on her like that. 'The price I pay for living as a female,' she thought as she turned to the screaming voice. 'AY YO SHOOR-TAY! You is looking really good, won't you back that THANG UP!, ' said a somewhat short, goofy little wannabe thug from a bank of lockers.

She thought to herself, 'Don't they realize that you can't be much of a thug when you go to a private school and actually show up to classes?' 'YO! Why don't you hit me up with some of those digits? Maybe we could do a lil' sumthin-sumthin sometime?' 'Sure! Here's my number: 1(800) FUCK YOU!!!!, ' Marilyn retorted, eliciting a few oohs for the people who still remained in the hallways on the way to class.

She knew what brought on the lame come-on. What she couldn't understand is why would anyone in their right mind would want to have sex with a guy? All that hair, and that bulk and that lack of subtlety in their body and that utilitarian shape? Bleah! Then she thought about the softness of women, the soft hair and the soft curves and their legs, their breasts, their butts.

. . Then Marilyn felt a slight throb and swelling in her panties. It reminded her that once, she was like that guy that tried to pick her up just now.

But that seemed so long ago. The ringing of the bell brought Marilyn back to her senses. She realized that she needed to get a move on to the locker room. After all, she had gym coming up.

Even though she had permission to take her time getting out to class, it did always annoy her when she was late to any class. She scrambled into the locker room towards her locker when she met a sight that blew her mind. Mandy Corrigan was a bottle-blonde bombshell that Marilyn had always been attracted to.

. . . .