A weekend alone…part 2

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Here is the link to part one. It's worth reading the first episode to give context and background to this one. http://xhamster. com/user/2wishes/posts/496045.

html Even though I had kissed another boy of my own age a few years earlier, and even enjoyed dry humping with him, and over the clothes touching, this was very different. Not only was I several years older and had been masturbating for a couple of years, this was also a grown man that I was touching.

I finally had the target of my desires and lust ready in my sights. As my hand felt his hard cock through his trousers, his gasp of pleasure was loud and the obvious delight was a huge turn on for me. Without any real knowledge of how to please another guy, I used my memory of my boyhood games of kissing etc to work out what was the right next step.

But this time there was a big difference. I was with an older man who not only had decades of sexual experience behind him, but had the confidence and certainty that was about to quickly change my night, and my life. He reached out and ran his hands along my thighs, up my stomach to my chest, then continued with them until he held my face between them.

Pulling me towards him he leant forwards and kissed me. Gently and softly at first, our lips barely touching, the heat and tension between us rising, the pressure building from within and between us. Then I felt his tongue in my mouth. Hot, sweet, full of darting energy, probing and powerful.

'You are a sexy young thing' he said as I writhed on his lap, trying to ride his cock through my jeans. Then his hand was undoing my belt, opening my waistband, undoing my zip, and released my cock. I had no idea at that age how my erect cock compared to others, but his gasp of 'Oh my god !!' as he saw it seemed to suggest it was above average.

'You are a big boy' he added. I've heard this said to me a number of times over the years since, but this occasion, and one other that happened a year later with an older neighbour, have stayed with me as flattering and horny memories of positive feedback on my endowment. I didn't have time to hope for him to hold my cock.

. . he had already wrapped his fingers around it and squeezed it gently at first, then harder as I started to thrust against his gripping hand. This carried on for a short while then he pushed me backwards off his lap and told me to stand in front of him.

There I stood with my jeans round my knees and my cock rigid and bouncing in front of me. 'So what do you want to do now?' he asked. My answer was short and honest. 'Anything you want.

' 'Really?' he asked. 'Yes anything at all that you want to do with me. ' He looked me up and down 'Take your clothes off' I undressed immediately and stood naked in front of him, a horny fifteen year old ready and willing to do anything. 'Turn around' he ordered gently.

With my back to him he said 'Look straight ahead and don't turn back towards me. ' I heard him shift on the settee and then his hands were on me, my arse, my legs, my back, fingers running through my hair. His kisses were running up and down my spine as his hands reached around me, one on my stomach and the other on my cock.

. . . .