Aaron’s New Steps****r

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Aaron Sanders was shocked when he heard that his father had remarried. His mother had died when he was young, and it had always just been him and his dad. When he was going to college at Pitt, his father told him during his senior year that he was dating a woman, but getting married only three months into their relationship was a huge shock.

Heather was a woman who had been divorced a long time and he guessed they just fell into a mindset of hurrying up because they were both in their forties. Aaron just hoped that his dad had set up a great prenuptial agreement because he felt like this was rushed into and might not last very long – his father was one of the most successful attorneys in the Phoenix area, and he feared that this woman was a gold-digger who wanted his money.

His father was the one who always told Aaron not to make rash decisions growing up, and now he's seemingly made one himself. What's more, Heather was the mother of two k**s that Aaron had gone to high school with and knew somewhat. Stephen was in his grade and he recognized him and had a few classes with him, but they were never friends or had hung out before.

Kristy was two grades below them, Aaron only had a few conversations with her. She was on the cheerleading squad so he saw her during his football games, and his girlfriend at the time was the cheer captain and always said that she was a really nice and fun girl. Aaron remembered thinking that Kristy was extremely hot, he never acted on it or anything because he was always faithful to his girlfriend at the time, but it was still weird to think that this girl that he was previously attracted to was now his step-s****r.

His father, Keith Sanders, had married in March (no ceremony, just a court house wedding and that's it – he told Aaron not to bother to fly back home to Phoenix for it so it wouldn't interrupt his studies during his last few months of school) and now it was June. Aaron was 23, had just graduated Pitt and was looking for a job.

He had been the Panthers starting quarterback the two previous years and had garnered some NFL draft buzz, but this last year he suffered a season-ending injury three games into the season and had to sit out. He had always counted on making it to the NFL in some capacity (even as just a backup QB, at least) but his injury had made that impossible, and now he was f***ed to look for other job options.

Because he wanted to focus on football, his major at Pitt was 'Communications' – the easiest one possible, but now he would have to rely on it to get real non-football work and was in a bad situation. Thus, Aaron was f***ed to fly back to Phoenix to live at the house he grew up at. He thought he was just going to live with his dad, but the marriage had changed that equation, and now it would be a packed house.

Stephen had also recently graduated and was coming back from San Diego State, while Kristy was a currently a student at local Arizona State and commuted from home to save money. Aaron was kind of pissed at the situation. He was sure that one of the k**s had taken his room, they had a guest room as well but no other bedroom suitable so he wasn't sure how the living situation would shake out.

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