Alicia’s confession

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Recently I met a very captivatingly beautiful woman at a singles event at a downtown cocktail bar. From the moment we made eye contact, we clicked. She imediately sucked me in with her easyness. Easy to talk to, fun to flirt with, lovely to look at.

Luckily for me, she seemed to enjoy my company as much as i hers. Being that it was her first time at one of these local events, every guy in the room was circling her like sharks. The friend who had brought her there slipped out with a guy she had been seeing and left her with a few of his male friends that he had brought to try and hooke her up with.

She didn't look like she was enjoying there conversation much and was wanting an escape. Every time we made eye contact, she would smile. I hoped i was reading her right, and that she was looking for a way to get out of her current perdicament. I figured that i would be her hero.

I went over to the bartender and asked him if he knew what she had been drinking and if he could por one for me to bring to her. I grabbed our drinks and walked over to her and said, as if i new her 'Hey Alicia, i'm sorry i'm late, i got you a drink. ' Then quickly asked her whom her friends were, and stuck out my hand to shake theirs and introduced myself to them so she would know my name.

Then asked her if she was still down to go get some tapas with me around the corner, cause i was famished. Again, luckily, if anything she saw an out, but was seemingly intrigued enough to play along with my ruse. I invited the guys to come along but thinking that there might me something between us and that they weren't going to get lucky turned down my offer.

We said our goodbyes and as soon as we got outside I said that she looked like she needed some help and i understood if she wanted to go home but the Tapas resteraunt was fabuolus and that if anything she could let me buy her some dinner, because she intriguied me and I would love to chat and get to know her.

She said that she didn't normally go to dinner with strangers but seeing as though she didn't know the other guys that her friend left her with either, at least she got to pick this stranger. I laughed and said 'Well perfect then let's go get dinner and see if we can make this night even stranger.

' I had no clue how true that statement was going to become. We had a great time at dinner, talking about everything like we've been friends for years. Along with the food which was delicious, we imbibed at least 3 bottles of red wine, we were having so much fun that i didn't want the night to end.

I asked her if maybe she would want to go for a walk along the beach and check out the stars and listen to the waves. Maybe have a fire, and i could get us another bottle. She said that sounded nice then said how When she was in college she used to smoke weed and then when she met her ex-husband he didn't really like it or her doing it so she stopped smoking while thye were together but after going through a horrible divorce over the past year a joint might be nice to smoke under the moon.

. . . .