An erotic mmf evening

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As I have told in some of my other stories, I was the captain of a 100' charter yacht that operated in Alaska, and that gave me the opportunity for many wonderful sexual experiences over the years. One year a young African-American couple was on board and we ended up having a great time together with the husband having his first bi experience with me as his wife watched.

A few years later I was in San Francisco for a conference, which is where they lived. I let them know I was in town and they invited me over to spend the evening with them. Katharine was extraordinarily beautiful. She was about 6' tall, very slim.

She was light-skinned, and carried herself in a manner best described as 'royal. ' It would not have been any surprise to find out that she came from a line of high-breeding. Her husband, Michael, was also light-skinned, muscular, slightly submissive in public, totally submissive in sexual situations at home.

Katharine was a fast rising executive in a large corporation, and when I visted them they had just moved into a large condo 20 floors up, and with an incredible, wide-angle view of San Francisco and the bay it borders. After a dinner cooked by a chef from a high end restaurant in town, she told us what she wanted us to do to start the evening.

She wanted me naked, and she would wear a tiny g-string and she and I would watch Michael as he modeled some new clothes she had bought for him. As she and I settled down on the sofa, Michael came out from the bedroom. . .

. . wearing a very short and tight white dress. He also was wearing white nylons, has a long-haired black wig, and the view of the bulge of his hard cock was very visible in the dress.

As she stroked my cock and fingered her bald cunt through her panties, he would show off his body and he clearly got harder as he watched her work my cock. My uncut cockhead was very wet, and she used her index finger to collect some of the precum, then she told him to lick it off her finger. As he licked it I started 'fucking' his mouth with my finger as she kept stroking me.

Finally she told him to suck me. . . .

. and he knelt between my legs, thanked her several times for letting him serve and service my cock. She told him to be quiet and obey. I also wanted to taste him, so I stopped the action, and I had him sit on the sofa.

I pulled his panties to the side then had her mount him with her back to him. As she sat down on his cock, taking him right to his balls in her hairless cunt, I knelt and tongued her cock stuffed pussy. . .

. . and I would lick and nibble on the shaft of his cock as it slid in-and-out of her. He finally exploded in her, and as his cum leaked from her pussy and down his cock, I tongued both of them until there was nothing left for me to taste.

I hadn't cum yet, so I sat down on the sofa, pulled his dress up, and had him sit down on my cock, facing away from me. She sucked his cock as I fucked him, and finally I came and as I did so he shot a load in her mouth. . .