Andy and Tina visit SSP (author Orchidspray)

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This is something new they’ve been doing to spice things up. They’d take turns finding hot pictures or videos and use them to get the other hot and bothered. This particular night Andy stumbled across Sex Stories Post and they took turns randomly choosing stories and reading them out loud to one another.

They’ve been living together for nearly three years and Tina’s youngest c***d Chad lives with them. Tina is a bit older than Andy but that’s never bothered either of them. She’s 44 years old, medium height, has blond hair and green eyes, could stand to shed a few pounds but is far from fat, and is rather busty with 38 D’s.

She has two c***dren, Mindy her 18 year old who chose to live with her father out on the west coast and Chad her 16 year old. Andy is a handsome 37 year old that’s never been married nor had any c***dren of his own. He’s about 6’ tall, has a slim yet muscular build, and if he didn’t shave his head would have very dark brown hair.

He has accepted Tina’s c***dren as his own, but has never tried to replace their Dad, just fill in for him. Chad is a very shy teenager, it’s very difficult for him to make friends because of that. He’s quite intelligent, is kind of a band geek, and is small in stature, standing only 5’5” and weighing just 159 pounds.

When not in school he’s pretty much a homebody and spends hours playing video games or messing around with electronic gadgets. Andy and Tina found the stories they read to be quite a turn on. Neither was really sure if it was the characters in the stories, the situations they were in, or just the fact they were reading them together.

After just a couple of stories that happened to be about sex in public (a subject they’ve discussed before) they ended up making mad passionate love. Reading the sexy stories nearly became a nightly ritual for Andy and Tina. They read stories under several different categories, anal, cheating, cyber sex, group, lesbian, and even a teen story or two.

Andy read it out loud but wasn’t happy about it at first. He’d never felt any bisexual tendencies beyond an occasional fantasy. The story was extremely well written and the situations hot. By the time he’d finished reading about cock sucking and butt fucking Andy had a hardon.

“You must like the thought of cock sucking, look how big and hard you’ve gotten. “ Tina teased. Andy was somewhat embarrassed to admit “I guess it was kind of a turn on. I didn’t think it’d be but by the end of the story the whole thing sounded hot.

I’m going to pick out a really nasty little story,” After just a few moments of looking he passed the lap top to Tina. “There you go, and you know the rule, you have to read it no matter what. The story Tina was about to read was one of i****t, i****t between a mother and her Son no less.

” Setting the lap top aside she proceeded to give Andy the best fucking of his life. After the incredible fucking they snuggled and talked for awhile. “Guess we learned something about ourselves and each other tonight. “ Andy said softly.

“I got turned on by bisexuality and you got turned on by i****t. ” “I’m not sure why that appealed to me so much, maybe it’s just so far away from the norm. ” Tina pondered “There’s no way I could mess with Chad but hearing about that mom and her desires for her son, that was just hot.

. . . .