Ann – At The Beach – 1. A New Bikini

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It all started one beautiful day during the summer holidays. The early morning already promised great temperatures, and when we left for the beach, the sun was shining pleasantly warm on our skin. When my girlfriend Alex, a friend of hers, her younger s****r Ann and me arrived at the beach, it was already pretty crowded.

After finding ourselves a nice spot, we began settling, spreading out our towels and changing into our swimwear which we had already put on at home. Until then I had never taken any special notice of “little s****r” Ann. I knew she was always pretty bored, not knowing what to do with herself, and she didn't have any hobbies either, so she mostly clung onto Alex for diversion and inspiration.

They grew up in a very conservative, religious f****y, that didn't even have a television, and that didn't do much outgoing things at all, like going on holidays abroad, or even go to the nearby beach, the first because they didn't have a lot of money, and the second because their entire lives were focused on ‘living properly’, with no ‘distractions’ from worldly things, like beaches.

Alex had been with me for a while already, and was slowly but very definitely becoming more streetwise, most importantly in the freedom-of-sex department. Ann on the other hand was still very much bound by the way their parents lived, still living with them. All in all, she hadn’t drawn my attention at all, let alone that I felt any attraction to her, but then again, we hadn't done that many things together either.

Ann’s 17th birthday, a couple of weeks ago, had been one of those horrible, uneventful f****y parties that I dislike with a vengeance. Summer had been around for a few weeks, and Ann was bored to death because almost all her friends had gone off for holidays, leaving her stuck with her old-fashioned, unadventurous parents.

Since Alex moved out to live with me, she finally got the room she used to share with her older s****r for herself, but that also meant that she didn’t have her around anymore, making her life even duller. She hated still living with her parents, and hated still going to school. “Why does it even matter to get a diploma? Everyone has a diploma!” I remember her saying once, to which I replied: “Because if you don't have it, you'll be the odd one out, that's why!”.

But in her eyes, school was boring too, and for some reason there wasn't even some guy she fancied, let alone that she'd even have a boyfriend. The way she portrayed her life, certainly didn't make me jealous to be her age again! Being in my mid-twenties, I was happy with the confidence my more worldly experience had given me.

The weather had been unusually good for the past two weeks, and because we'd promised Ann to take her to the beach someday, she'd bought herself a new bikini. Now that she would finally really wear it, she was almost jumping up and down to show it. She'd gone through great lengths to find this specific model.

Available only online as a final sale, in a size smaller than she wanted, she bought it anyways even though she couldn’t try it on. It was a light blue brazilian triangle affair, enhanced with decorative seams running across the top as well as the bottom, which had ties on the sides. Because she hadn't worn it yet, she probably didn't realise that it didn't have any padding or lining, neither in the top nor in the bottom.

. . . .