Ann – At The Beach – 2. Sun Oil

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html - read that first to get into the setting) My girlfriend Alex, a friend of hers and Alex's younger s****r Ann had just arrived at the beach on a gorgeous, sunny day during the summer holidays. Alex asked me if I could rub her in, all of her. I applied the sun oil very generously, and teased and provoked her by playing around with her bikini, pulling it much too far to the sides so her nipples would show, or pulling her panties into her pussy when I was doing her bikini line.

“Hey, don't do that, people can see!” she protested, but I just went on, paying special attention to her tits and to the skin around and under her bikini bottom, occasionally slipping my fingers into her panties to touch her pussy. I could tell that she liked it, because her nipples were so hard, they almost screamed to be sucked and squeezed! When I was finished, her s****r Ann asked if I could 'do her too', to which I naturally obliged! While she was laying on her belly, I positioned myself over her closed legs, her firm bum pointing towards me.

Her skin felt amazing, she was after all still a teen, a couple of years younger than her s****r Alex. I put more oil on my hands and started applying it to her sides. The closer I came to her breasts, the more her skin began to feel like it, more bouncy, softer, so very promising how her big breasts would feel.

It was so tempting to reach down further and grab them with both hands! Ann has much bigger tits than her s****r, she's got very firm and bouncy 80Ds, while Alex’s tits are 75B and a lot less bouncy although still firm. I moved on to her lower back, which of course requires pulling down her bikini bottom to reach everywhere, right? I pulled the strings on each side down just enough so I could see her butt cleavage, which she didn't mind, and proceeded oiling her in.

I made sure to also cover the places where the sun would probably not reach, just as a precaution - you could get burned there, you know ^^?, then asked her if I should also do her legs, to which she replied: 'Of course!', so on I went! I started with her feet, taking it real slow while staring at the piece of fabric between her thighs where her gorgeous pussy lips stuck out so clearly.

I moved on to the outside of her legs, and when I reached her bikini bottom, I pulled up the sides up so I had more skin to work on, and moved them towards each other, pulling them into a sort of G-string . She wiggled her behind a little, started giggling and said: 'Hey, what are you doing', but left it at that.

So now there she lay, so close to my extremely hard cock, bikini top undone, bikini bottom pulled up into her exposed, untanned buttcheeks, tan lines showing how far she usually revealed herself, and two beautifully rounded bulges of pussy lip between her legs. I was sold to her! With a thumping heart and slightly shaky hands I continued to oil in her bum, which felt wonderfully soft and bouncy.

With every application of oil on her butt cheeks, I made sure to use a bit more pressure than necessary, so her pussy would be f***ed apart a bit, making the seam go deeper into her pussy, driving her lips apart even further. I saw I was opening and closing Ann’s pussy each time I pulled her butt cheeks to the sides.

. . . .