Another aunt

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I was 26yo, she was 58yo aunt of my wife. She was in the kitchen busy with the cooking and I was outside helping her husband with the bbq. Her husband asked me to get dishes for the meat and the bread so I went inside where I found the aunt, his wife, a chubby woman with very big tits and ass, always dresses in conservative way That evening she was wearing a gym short, t-shirt and had a kitchen apron on her, those that cover the front only.

When I went in the kitchen and asked her for the dishes, she asked me to follow her in the back of the kitchen a small little room where they kept all the kitchen stuff. Then she bent and started to move a box, I could see her big ass tending the gym shorts I casually moved forward and lightly brushed her left tight, the heat was incredible immediately I felt an hard erection in my loose shorts, so I tried again this time pushing my now hard dick in the middle of her ass.

. . it was so hot and she definitely felt it as she said what are you doing ?!?! . .

. so she was surprised to feel my erection on her ass and she immediately tried to loose the contact, but in doing so she pushed couple of times her big ass on my dick. I was left there with hard dick and alone, it took me 5 mins before I could be presentable again after the dinner and lot of wine d***k I was looking for another occasion to be near her.

. she was talking with some relative standing up behind the chair, behind her there was the wall so I moved with the excuse to walk past behind her, and as she was slightly bent I pushed again my hard dick on her ass while walking behind her, then this time I also let my hard dick rub her hand that was hanging on the back of the chair for support my hard dick was rubbing her hand she casually moved her hand on my groin.

. I felt her fingers tracing my dick I wanted to take it out but it was not possible I enjoyed the fondling before she suddenly left. I could resist no more, I followed her in the kitchen and as she was bent in front of the open fridge looking for something, I moved on her side and covered by the fridge door I took out my hard dick in front of her face she jumped surprised but she kept looking at my dick near her face, so I pushed forward and started to rub it on her cheeks and lips.

It was crazy I'd have fucked her there but she came to her mind and suddenly stood up leaving me there again. She was making me crazy I spent few mins alone in the kitchen before I could go out again without everyone noticing my bulge. for the next hour I tried to find some excuse to be near her but nothing happened, just as we was all leaving the place, the aunt started to fold the garden chairs saying she'd put those in the shed in case some rain would come.

My father in law offered to help and after looking my wife I also said I wanted to help. So my father in law said since there are your strong hands he'd rather enjoy another drink with the aunt's husband I was shaking, the chance to be with her came unexpected, I felt butterfly in my stomach and my dick rising again when we stepped in the shed the aunt started to put the folded chairs she was carrying into the corner, I was behind and without thinking twice I left the chairs on the ground and moved my hands my aunt's waist.

. . . .