Aunt in Heat

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I could hardly believe my ears. I was walking up the hall as I heard moaning from my Aunt Sarah's room. As I paused I heard her say 'Oh yes David. .

. . . Slide that cock in me'.

I was staying with my Aunt for the summer as her husband had run off with his secretary. My Dad thought it would do me some good since I wouldn't be able to be playing Xbox all summer. My Aunt Sarah was a beautiful lady mid 50s. Average size tits but such a beautiful ass.

I had jacked off many times after seeing her ass in tight jeans or her yoga pants. I was starting college at the end of the summer and Dad had offered Aunt Sarah my services on her farm for the summer. So I was stuck. But hearing her moan my name.

. . . I slowly pushed her door open a crack and there she was laying on her bed.

. . . sliding a dildo in and out her pussy.

My cock was rock hard. I had no idea that she thought of me that way. I slid my zipper down and pulled out my cock and started stroking it slowly as I watched Aunt Sarah fuck herself with the rubber cock. After a few minutes she came.

I pulled the door shut as quietly as I could and hurried to the bathroom to get a cloth to clean it up before she came out. I had just finished cleaning it up and returned to my room when I heard her call me and asked what I wanted for supper. I said whatever was fine but that I was going to take a shower before supper if that was ok.

As I showered I couldn't get the image of my Aunt fucking herself with the dildo and the fact that she was thinking about me got my cock hard again. I slowly soaped my cock and was stroking it when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I realized that my Aunt was watching me in the mirror from the other room.

My cock leapt when I saw her. She had her dress pulled up and her hand was down inside her panties playing with her pussy. I couldn't hold out long and shot another load of jism all over the shower door. This one was much easier to clean up as I just let the shower wash it down the drain.

I looked back and my Aunt was gone. I slipped on some shorts and tee shirt and went to the kitchen. My Aunt had made a frozen lasagna for dinner. As we were eating there was an uneasy silence between us.

I could smell her muskiness in the air and as I was thinking about the events of the day. Yep, another hard on. I was glad I was already sitting at the table and she couldn't see. As she brought me a plate she leaned over and put it on the table her chest rubbed against my shoulder.

I stammered an answer about getting a little chill or something and she got her plate and sat down. As we sat there I kept thinking about seeing her sprawled out on the bed and wishing that I had been the one fucking her instead of the rubber cock she had. After dinner we did the dishes and I got a little brave and brushed the front of my shorts across her ass as she stood at the sink.

. . . .