Aunt Rose Dressed Me Like a Girl – Chapter 3

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If you have not read previous chapters of this saga please go back to the start, this may not make much sense without some of the back story. Again, if you are offended by taboo subject matter this series is NOT for you. I knew what a girdle was before Aunt Rose told me, I had seen them in magazine ads and I know women wore them to look skinny.

I worried instantly that Aunt Rose thought I was fat and looked into her eyes. I think she could read my mind as she said, “Look honey, that little thing of yours is going to need a little training and until we get it under control this girdle will keep it out of sight. I really don’t think you need a girdle but your mother did send it along and I know she shopped for it with you in mind, it is brand new and NOT her size.

” I blushed at the thought of my mother going to a store to buy me a girdle, “what was all this about?” I questioned in my pre-adolescent mind. “Why would Mom buy me a girdle,” was the look on my face as I immediately noticed Aunt Rose smile and she said, “Not now Laura, let’s get you ready for the church social.

Aunt Rose tugged on the girdle and slowly pulled it up, she placed the palm of her hand over my small cock and balls as she pulled it in place. The warmth of her hand and the slickness of the panty against my hard cock felt so dreamy. Then her hand was gone and the girdle hugged me as if her hand was still there.

The panties no longer felt slick, I was all hemmed in with the stretchy fabric. The girdle had a shiny satin panel in front, sort of an oval shaped affair with stitching all around it. There was a little blue flower in the center of the waistband and there were also shiny panels down the sides of my legs.

“There, let me look,” Aunt Rose said as she took my hand and twirled me around. I felt her hand on my butt, and looked at my reflection in the mirror over my shoulder. The back of the girdle was the same shiny material as the front and I could see bumps in back that Aunt Rose explained were garters, “but we won’t need them tonight, you are way too young to show up with hose.

” As Rose looked at my new figure and spun me around she mumbled, “such a shame, that little round butt of yours is so flat, I hope your skirt looks okay. ” I trembled again, this wasn’t just a game she was playing, she had every intention of dressing me up as a girl. I knew better than to protest but I was concerned none the less.

Aunt Rose went back to my suitcase and pulled out a new slip, it still had a tag on it. It wasn’t like the one I was wearing when we started, it was very lacey and full with lots of layers on the bottom part. “This will help,” Aunt Rose said as she slipped it over my arms that went up without being told.

I love her taste. Reminds me of when we were young, she just loved shopping for me too. ” Aunt Rose fussed with the slip and explained that it was a peti-slip, meaning that it was poofy at the bottom to help fill out my skirt. .