Aunt Rose Dresses Me Like a Girl – Chapter 2

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I was shocked to the point I did not know what to do. I had come to visit her while my parents went to Europe for the summer and on my very first day with her I had taken a bath and experienced my very first orgasm at the age of 10. I didn’t even have a name for what had happened, but my little cock got so hard and then the feeling of extreme pleasure gripped my body and something shot out the tip of my cock.

Aunt Rose had walked in on me and held my shrinking cock as I came down from my first cum and now she wanted me to put on a pink panty. It was so silky looking that it seemed to shimmer in the late afternoon sunlight streaming in the window. I hesitated, I was confused yet strangely attracted to the thought of the panties.

And then it hit me, why did she call me Laura? My name was Larry. “Please Laura,” Aunt Rose said with a bit of sternness in her voice, “We have so much to do before we go out to dinner. ” As she said that she moved the panty from side to side letting it shimmer seductively in the light and opened it inviting me to step into the feminine garment.

I had no idea what lie ahead for me, as I have mentioned, my mother is the only female in the house and at my age had not yet started snooping around for sexual things. I lifted my foot and stepped into the cool nylon panty, it slid along my ankle and felt so soft and silky that I felt that familiar hardness again.

My immediate reaction was to cover myself but Aunt Rose brushed my hand aside, “We don’t have time for that now Laura,” and she beckoned me step into the other leg opening, again fluttering the panty seductively. Years later I would remember this first step into the person I am today, it was so innocent and not at all a harsh conversion from what I was to what I became.

Aunt Rose pulled the panty up slowly and as it got to my now erect cock she pulled the frilly lace waistband over it sliding the delicate fabric across the tip. The feeling of the cool nylon caused my little cock to jerk and I was so embarrassed. “Don’t worry honey,” Aunt Laura said, “the panty has a bit of stretch to it and will hold that thing snugly out of sight.

” She was right, my hard little pecker was held closely to my bald little pubic area, I had not started sprouting any hair and the softness of my skin on one side and the silkiness of the panty on the other made me feel all gooey inside. “Beautiful,” Aunt Rose exclaimed as she gently patted my round little butt, “I love that you have such a sweet little bottom, you look just darling.

” I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant by that but as I looked over my shoulder in the mirror I could see my butt covered with the panty. It was such a bright pink and had little hearts all over it and as I shifted from one foot to the other I could feel the fabric across my butt, and of course that caused that wonderful feeling in the tip of my cock.

“Now stop that squirming Laura,” Aunt Rose said with mock anger and a little grin, “Big girls learn to control themselves, if you keep messing around your little thing is going to squirt again, trust me, Aunt Rose knows these things. ” As her voice trailed off she turned towards the bed and from her kneeling position her legs parted and I could see up her skirt.

. . . .