Auntie Amanda Receives a Gift

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It was 3:15PM. Amanda was driving home from work. She had been staying with her older s****r Beth for the last few months while looking for an apartment. Beth was divorced, living alone except for her teenage son Doug.

As she picked the panties up, they felt strangely heavy in her hand. Even before she peeled them open, Amanda sensed what she would find. The sticky whiteness and the scent of man-cum was unmistakable, but she still dabbed her fingertips in it and tasted it with the tip of her tongue- less to be sure (she was sure) and more just to enjoy the flavor.

There was only one person in the little house that could have filled her panties with semen and put them in her dresser. Dougie was pretty good-looking already, mused Amanda. She had, of course, noted him checking her body out, normal behavior for a teenager living with a busty 31 year old single woman.

And Amanda, for her part, had always liked younger guys. Even though she was older, she had always enjoyed a young man's youthful 'energy'. And she realized, when she found the cum-loaded panties, that she might have been u*********sly flirting with Doug a bit. .

. That next morning, Amanda didn't say a word about what she'd found. She did, however, make Doug his cereal while wearing a very short skirt and higher heels than was usual for her office job. She faced away from him a lot, subtly pushing her ass out for him to enjoy.

When he got back from school that day, Amanda was nowhere to be found. But on Doug's bed, there was a different pair of her panties all spread out, as if left there for him. As Doug picked them up, his hands shaking, he saw an envelope on the bed. It had his name on it.

Dear Dougie- I just want you to know that I did receive the gift you left for me to find, and I appreciate your present and the warm feelings you must be having for your Auntie. Here is something else for you- an especially lacy pair that you might enjoy. If you would be so kind, Auntie would like you to leave at least two 'presents' in them for her to find in her dresser drawer when she returns tonight.

Is that OK with you? By the way: I will be home tonight about 9 o'clock. If it's not too much trouble, Auntie prefers her gift to still be warm when she receives it- so if you would, please time your 'gifting' activities to be just before I get home. And Dougie- please enjoy! Thinking nice thoughts about you.

But as she hefted the heavy panties that were there for her, she knew that Dougie was nearby- almost certainly listening. The cum was so warm that it was almost steaming. And it was certainly more than just two loads- a huge wad of fragrant sperm was oozing obscenely out of the little lacy crotch-cup of her panties into her open hand.

Knowing that Doug was certainly listening for her every movement, Amanda quietly eased back onto her bed and began to masturbate, devising a plan for what to do next with her nephew. . . .