Bear & Swan Ch. 01

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At this point Barrett was disconnected everything. The last thing he could remember was sitting at the bar and a hand from behind him touching his shoulder. Before he could comprehend the scene before him, a rush of panic fell through him. Then an internal force pushed him forward.

He found himself sprinting through the tavern door, but he felt like he was being carried by a powerful current and everything around him was roaring past him. As he continued rushing forward, he noticed that he could not feel the mechanics of his body and now was moving through the woods behind the tavern.

He felt as if he had become a floating head propelling through the trees. Then everything came to screaming halt. He reconnected with his body as if he was thrown back into it by God. Out of breath, he dropped his large frame to his knees.

He then noticed that his right hand was throbbing. He brought the hand up to eye level to find that he could not see the damage that was done in the dark of night. Now catching his breath, he leaned back to sit on his heels. He looked up at the clear starry sky to find a full moon.

He looked back down to realize that he had no idea where he was. Looking around him, found that he was by trees. Then in the distance he heard light splashing. He snapped his head forward and saw in the distance a still body of water.

He could see the moon being reflected in the water. The reflection was being disturbed by light ripples that correlated with the soft splashing noises. Barrett got up from his heels then knees, and slowly walked towards the sounds. As he moved, he had come to realize it was a lake.

He became dead still. All he could make out was that her pale skin seemed to glow in the moonlight and that there was a softness to her. She dipped back down into the lake and then started to swim breaststroke to the shore. His breathed started to get caught in his throat.

As she emerged from the lake and started to walk towards the shore he realized that he was only yards away from the most beautiful and breathtaking woman in the world. She wasn't wearing a thing but what he couldn't look away from was her smile. It exuded an unadulterated joy that seemed to emanate from her whole being.

Once she reached what seems to be a bag of some sort. He was able to see her more clearly. He would guess that was either in early to mid-twenties. Her body was both dainty and voluptuous.

In stature she was short, her feet were small and connected to slender ankles and calves. By her knees, they were joined by full and shapely thighs. Her hips were round and wide but proportionate to her shoulders and bust with a full curvaceous bottom. Her back bared her hourglass shape.

The bottom half of her body rounded into her short, but nipped waist with a soft but level stomach that evoked vulnerability. Her breasts were ample and robust. One could describe her as buxom. Shoulders were straight and broad with a suppleness joined to slender and graceful arms.

As he was drinking her in, he found his heart to be pounding out of his chest. She pulled out a towel from her bag and started to dry herself off. He knew he shouldn't be watching her like this, but he could make himself turn away. He was stuck.

. . . .

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