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As I looked down at him I saw the veins standing up on his neck from the exertion. Sweat was glistening in a band down his broad shoulders. I combed my fingers through his thick black hair, and was rewarded by an involuntary twitch of his skin. I smiled, he was quite the stud, this guy.

I loved everything about him. We had been partners in this love dance for only a short time now. It just kept getting better and better though. As I straddled him now, I couldn't help but admire his beautiful body.

There was no way I was going to move off him though, this just felt way too good. The sun would be ready to set behind the mountains very shortly. The heat we had created together caused a bead of sweat to roll between my shoulder blades. 'Ah, Beau,' I sighed.

'You bring me so much pleasure. My own was still thudding from the thrill and the adrenalin rush, as well as the aerobic workout. We had met quite by chance a few months earlier. At that time he was with Beth, a good friend of mine.

Sometimes he would toss his head back in an arrogant manner when she was talking to him. I began to have fantasies about being with him. Whenever I saw him, he stirred feelings in me that I couldn't seem to control. I began to lust after him more and more.

I wanted him, but he already had a partner, and she was my friend after all. It didn't stop me from watching him whenever I got the chance though. His shining black hair, his long athletic legs. I just loved everything about him.

Some time passed by, and one day Beth said she was going on vacation for a couple of weeks. 'Look,' she said 'I know I can trust you. Would you keep an eye on Beau for me while I'm gone?' Would I ever? I thought. I'd be more than happy to.

I even drove Beth to the airport. I couldn't wait to start to get to know him more intimately. I just hoped he would feel the same way about me. The next day I had a quiet talk with Beau.

Beth would be gone for two weeks, could we perhaps spend some time together, get to know each other better? He didn't argue with me, in fact he seemed quite enthusiastic about the idea. We took things slowly at first, feeling each other out. At last I got the chance to run my fingers over that heavenly body, exploring every muscle and tendon as I had dreamed of doing.

His skin beneath my fingers was even more sensuous than I could have imagined. Things progressed quickly after that. We developed a rapport like none other I had ever experienced. He seemed to sense exactly what I needed and fill me with pleasure every time we connected.

He was the silent type, but we didn't need words for what we were doing together. We understood each other, our thoughts were entwined, our hearts beat as one, our souls were joined together. Now as the day was drawing to a close and everything about us was quiet and tranquil, I closed my legs against him, and felt the familiar response.

. . . .