Beautiful Dreams

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It was late. He had a deadline approaching and his project was far from being complete. He rubbed his temples as the familiar headache was already forming. Then the Image appeared again.

. . That same beautiful seductive woman, her lovely long hair so blonde, so delicate, gracefully flowing down her back. Her tight black dress hugging her flesh, showing off every glorious curve.

Her mysterious eyes piercing right to the soul. He gasped. . .

The blinding sun was shining through the window pane. He closed his eyes, rubbing them, trying to adjust to the light. 'Dammit not again. I must not sleep.

I need to get this done. ' He said out loud, standing up, wavering as he adjusted to the morning. Taking a sip as he looked to the screen of his laptop, his eyes widened as he quickly flipped through files. 'Fuck it's gone,' he blurted out spitting his coffee across his keyboard.

'Dammit what will I do now?' In frustration he started closing down programs, hoping his work would appear. Suddenly a window popped on screen. 'Your destiny awaits my love, come to me'. The same erotic image flooded his mental screen.

That beautiful woman with the mysterious eyes, gazing at him, beckoning him to her. Pering through her fading image, he recognized the building she was disappearing inside. Without thinking he stood up, grabbed his coat, rushing to his car he drove mindlessly to an abandoned section of the city.

Looking around then stopping as he reached his destination. Inside he walks to one side of the vacant room. Sighing he looks around seeing nothing. Then, out the corner of his eye, spots a single red rose lying on the cold bare concrete.

Kneeling down picking it up a shadow flows over him and onto the floor. Gasping he quickly looks up but sees nothing. Shaking his head he speaks out loud, 'This is foolish. What am I doing? I have work to do.

Turning he sees her, the woman haunting him, her beauty more breathtaking than in his images. In her slinky black dress hugging every inch of her, looking right at him, she slowly moves forward. His eyes widen, unable to speak, watching as her delicate seductive body moves towards him.

She cups his cheek, running her fingertips softly over it, then leans forward, giving him a deep slow kiss. His arms automatically wrap around her waist, pulling her to him as he slowly returns her kiss, eyes closing as the passion continues. Finally pulling from her mouth, looking searchingly into her piercing eyes he softly whispers, 'Who are you? Why am I here? How did you.

. . . .

' She places a delicate, slender finger to his lips, shushing him as she takes his hand, moving across the room and out a side door. A bright light was piercing his eyes, blinding him. His hand moved up covering his eyes as he continued to move with her, into another room, the door closing, the light now very dim from scatteredl lit candles.

She moved to his lips, kissing him again slow and deep, undoing his shirt, running her fingers over his quivering body, lightly running her fingertips over his abs as she softly moves from his lips, kissing softly to his chin, pushing him against the wall as she spreads his shirt open. Her lips now delicately moving over his throat to his adams apple, kissing it softly, gently sucking before moving down, slowly kissing and licking his neck and shoulders, lightly nipping one.

. . . .

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