Beautiful Liar

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This meant a change of clothes and shoes not to mention being late. Well if this was nature's cruel way, so be it. Just as she was contemplating this thought the rain began to fall harder and faster. Wildly looking around her, she saw the pain path dashed through it and towards the house.

This was the third time in two months since Ari-Ana had arrived. 'It's not my fault she keeps wondering off. She knows the rules, you speak to her and leave me alone' he hotly replied. 'I expect you to take full responsibility when she's with you.

God' rolling his eyes but the anger didn't back down. 'Is Ari lost again?' grinned Dean poking his head out of his room when he heard loud voices. 'No thanks to the genius of a brother' replied Dante. 'But it wasn't my fault.

She's hot tempered, strong-head. . . ' he never got to finish 'And fine' replied a calmer female voice.

Everyone turned to see Ari-Ana standing in the hallway dripping from her rain- soaked coat. 'Where the hell were you?' Daniel asked walking towards her. 'I must've wondered off. I'm so sorry for causing all this commotion' she nervously replied.

'Well at least you're safe. Daniel I expect better from you' his eldest brother scolded before heading upstairs. 'Ari, you ok? Better get changed before you catch a cold' Dean called before closing his door. 'Yes Ari, you better' mocked Daniel.

One more thing, in the future you either stick with me or go out by yourself' he said before walking away. She didn't realise she'd been holding her breath the entire time and exhaled quickly. He seemed really mad, but it was her fault, she had wondered off again and before she knew it she was stranded in the middle of the woods with the rain looming.

Mid-way she stopped abruptly, it almost felt like she was being watched. Shaking the silly notion from her mind she changed into the drier clothes and took her soiled dress to be washed. ********************************************* 'Do I smell spaghetti' Dean grinned as he walked into the kitchen.

'I'm going out' came Daniel's reply as he leaned against the kitchen door. 'Can't you at least sit down for ten minutes? After all she's gone through the trouble of cooking for tonight' Dean said. 'I'm sorry Ari, but my friends are expecting me' replied Daniel as sweetly as he could.

He wanted to be as far away as possible from her. He was still angry with her from earlier. 'I'll keep some for you' she said, but by the time she turned around he was gone. He's just being a jerk from earlier' smiled Dante.

'Well more for us' grinned Dean before putting in another mouthful. ******************************************** Ari-Ana was reading her book quietly in front of the lamp in the front room when she heard the door open. 'Shhh you'll wake up the whole house' came his voice which sounded a little slurred.

'In an hour they will' answered the girl in a giggle making Ari-Ana shiver in disgust. 'Go up, my room is the third on the left' Daniel instructed the girl before closing and locking the door. Just as he reached the staircase, he noticed the dim light coming from the sitting room.

'Well well if it isn't little miss bookworm' he mocked as he walked in to find her sitting quietly. 'You're 'girlfriend' is waiting for you' she replied without taking her eyes off the page. . .

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