Beautiful Storm

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With her other hand she wrapped her soft, short brown hair around her index finger. Her legs hung over the counter about a foot off the tile floor beneath her. She was wondering what was taking John so long. 'Dammit, what the fuck is taking him so long? Is he jacking off' she wondered.

She smiled to herself of the thought of John masturbating. 'I wonder how big his dick is' THUMP! Carly laid her magazine down and hopped off the counter. She walked upstairs, passing several science posters along the way. She entered into one of the bedrooms.

There she saw John sitting on the floor. 'Are you OK? What was that?' she asked in a concerned voice. 'I forgot where I was sitting and I slipped off the bed. It was quite fun, actually.

Though my butt doesn't think so!' John replied as he rubbed his butt. In the center of the room was the bed, and on the bed laid a dark-green duffle bag. 'We should get going, John. Steve and Mary are going to meet us at the cabin.

He's Mr. Sports-fan and I'm a pocket protector away from being a complete geek or 'nerd-o' as he claims. Honestly Carly, I still don't understand what your sister sees in him much less why she married him? Mary could have done better' Carly was leaning on the doorway as she watched him lower his hands from his eyes and place them on his stomach.

She walked over and sat on the bed next to him. 'Everyone is attracted to someone, I guess. Even if we don't know what the attraction is. Maybe he's a good fucker, I dunno,' Carly answered.

'I guess. He probably has a baby-dick, anyway. You know he's got to be compensating for something. ' That was the first time Carly heard him talk that way, 'You look beautiful, by the way, Is that a new skirt?' Carly looked down at her pink dress and rubbed her hand on the light fabric.

'Yeah, do you like it?' she smiled. 'Of course, I do,' he smiled back. Carly stared out the window, she then turned her head. 'Is that poster of the Periodic Table new?' she asked as she pointed to the black oversized poster.

'Yeah, it's actually a holographic 3D poster. I got it at the Science Center. I love that store. It has the coolest things EVER!' he said excitedly.

'Oh my God! SHUT UP. Nu-ugh' she joked with her hands over her mouth. 'Anyway, we should get going. It's almost five and it looks like it may start to rain soon.

'It's not going to rain because that would mean something good would happen to me and nothing good ever happens to me. It never does. ' Carly stood up, walked up behind him and placed her hand on his back. 'No, I'm wrong.

One good thing has happened to me. I met you, my best friend. ' John said as he turned around to see her. Damn, she's so cute.

'Well, that's because you let me cheat off you in college. I must say that was pretty cool of you. ' she explained 'Well, I am a pretty cool dude,' he laughed. Carly laughed with him and stood on her toes to wrap her arms around the back of his neck.

He got a whiff of a distant scent, it smelled familiar but new altogether. *** It came out of nowhere. The rain slammed down furiously on the roof of John's green four-door Civic. It was almost seven in the evening, the sky outside of the car was dark and gloomy.

. . . .

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