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Being nervous was something he was wholly unaccustomed to, as through his incredibly quick wit and charm he maneuvered deftly through most any situation. However, with her it was different. Though the two had never met, she had most certainly captured his attention, which is saying quite a bit.

Often he found himself bored after a while with most any girl he spoke to, be it days, weeks, or even one short conversation. The end result was almost always the same. That person was unable to hold his interest. Incapable of captivating him.

Holding him firmly in the palm of her hand, and washing over him whatever feeling she wished him to experience that moment. He longed for that. For her. Uncertainty still reigned over him with this one, though he knew she was very difference.

One of a kind. Often people confuse being an individual with being different. Yes, in fact one can be unique as a person, but just another fill in the blank. And that she was not.

She was capable of stealing away his thoughts with her slight laughter, taking his heart and prodding it to beat ever faster with a mere few words, or even bringing him to the height of arousal with provocative poses, and sensual displays of her womanly charms. And charmed he was, though he let on that he was, the depths to which she had him would not be revealed, rather tucked safely away in his back pocket.

Hopping from the couch he dashed past the mirror and out his bedroom door before stopping and tracing back and seeing how his hair looked. Letting out a laugh as it was as tangled and matted as ever, he proceeded to the front door to meet his long expected arrival. And she did not disappoint.

Hardly so, as she was far more engaging and beautiful than he had seen in pictures and her voice more melodious than on the numerous phone conversations they reveled in. She extended her hand rather awkwardly, and he just grinned at her cautiously, before hugging her. The sudden physical contact a welcomed gift, though an unexpected one.

She slapped his arm, though her smile and excitement was evident. She was rather shy, and didn't really have much luck with guys, thus perhaps the fact she met him over the 'net. While it took some time for her to shed the stigma of meeting someone online, she had warmed up rather quickly to the notion of meeting him and realizing whether or not he was as gifted in person as he seemed to be through every other medium.

That smile on his face and his warm inviting eyes. Boring would be the last word she would ever use to describe him, and she hoped to find a good many that night. Though he was unaware, or so she thought, to her secretive wants for affection and exploring the bond they had build through cable wires and dialup services.

She looked up at him, smiled warmly, and the night had just begun. They had decided before she came to watch a movie and listen to music, but he had his mind set on a game of pool. She wasn't very good, which is to say she vaguely remembers playing once in some bar and losing badly to some guy who wanted to sleep with her.

. . . .