Becoming Madison_CDs daddy chapter 4

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Becoming MadisonCds Daddy chapter Four. The day after the tatooist We are in the living room Madi was dressed in a new Balerina outfit a pair of pink knee socks a pink tutu balerina skirt and a small pink trainer bra for her flat smooth chest . She was teasing me and doing a very good job of getting me hard.

' Do tell what you would want to do with me ' Madi says ' your a beautiful girl ' I say rubbing my cock. Prancing around in her balerina uniform she explains to me her Girlfriend is coming round this afternoon and her girlfriend has absolutley no idea she crossdresses. ' Oh. .

in case you needed to know. Here's katelin' she shows me a photo of a tall blonde girl. I look at the photo and say 'She's not as cute as you and she doesn't have a cock' Madi parades in front of me in her pink knee socks and tutu bending over in front of me seductively She puts on a fresh coat of lipstick and bends over at the hip in front of me ' Katelyns not due for a few hours daddy ' She bends down slowly sliding sliding her sissy painted nails down her leg to her heel: I pull her hips towards me and slowly peel her pink frilly panties down over her hot round juicy ass.

. I push her over to the couch her frilly panties just above her knees ' Your clitty looks delicious' 'Yes, daddy'. Her tattoos on view her little hearts over her clitty and her sissy faggot on her back I kneel and begin to lick and suck Madis hole it tastes delicious and she wriggles as i lick and suck dropping my tongue down to her shaven balls and clit.

'oh fuck its Katelyn' says Madi stairing at the girl in the window. I get up and beckon Katelyn to the door she enters looking at Madi on the couch. ' Watch this poor little fag take my cock' I bend down and spit on her ass again, Katelyn puts her hand over her mouth in horror I start to lick Madis ass again she can't help but moan She struggles and puts up a fight for Katelyn sake but I hold the arch of her back and slowly start to push in to her.

Shes very wet 'Look at her tattoos Katelyn haven't you seen this' I say as Katelyn watches on in horror Madi tries to hide them as she moans in pleasure with each thrust. ' Katelyn look at how he loves cock inside him he cant hide his pleasure' I say as I pump her ass She moans as I fuck her harder, grunting 'fuck.

. fuck. . ow.

. ' Katelyn shouts ' you fucking bastard Madison how could you do this to me' Madi tries to put on a dignified face but falls back to the couch as I ravage her boypussy ' Wait' i say' Katelyn you need to watch' Madis bangles fling in and out of her face as I pound her and her cheeks only get more flushed as she hears me.

I pull from her hot wet tight ass and just say one word 'suck She automatically drops to her knees unable to help her sissy self and begins massaging my cock with her hands and lips. She laps up my dick and then deepthroats me , exposing her backside with the tattoo and her long hair bouncing as I fuck her throat.

. . . .