Better Than Reality

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*Dreams can seem so real sometimes* Enjoy! I had recently arrived and somehow or the other, you were at a hotel near the airport. I told you I was going to pass by and take you out for a few drinks and dinner. I get to the hotel and of course you were not ready, so I sat watching TV on the bed while you were in the bathroom showering.

I continued to kiss you on your neck and back, you legs seem to get wobbly and you leaned forward onto your hands on the bed. I bent my knees and progressed my kisses to your lower back and then to your ass. I caressed your ass cheeks and gently spread them open as you willingly spread your legs apart.

You raised one leg onto the bed and reached backward with your left hand to pull my head deeper inside you. This went on for what seemed like extended minutes. After a few long gasps and a deep growl, you pulled forward and away from me. I removed my shirt and helped you off the bed.

We were now facing each other, I was piercing into your eyes, you tip toed and I bent down into a very passionate kiss. By this time, my cock was raging hard and protruding through the top of my loose fitting pants. You unlocked your lips and moved them to my chest, sweeping back and forth between my two nipples, gently biting on them.

Suddenly you stopped, and climbed onto the bed on your all fours. You looked backward over your shoulder and beckoned me. I kicked my pants and underwear off my feet and knelt behind you, I held your ass cheeks in the palms of my hands and slowly pressed inside of you, I felt your slippery pussy lips part as you wiggled your ass backwards.

We laid in bed for a few minutes in complete silence, as if we were recounting the night's events in our head. I got up to take a shower and that's when I woke up. I sat up in my bed and looked around the room. I was perspiring and felt slightly spent, it seemed so real.

. . . .

. . . .