Between Fae and Foe Ch. 01

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She arched as she felt the warmth of his breath over her face, lifting it to the touch she knew was there. The sound of his laughter rushed over her as she felt his fingers on her face running into her hair, the other hand keeping her eyes closed as his mouth touched hers. Her mouth opening on a moan taking his tongue into her, sucking on it, feeling his fingers tighten in her hair, lifting her own into his to pull him down to her.

. . ' The sound of his voice, lowered in the darkness of her room made her shiver, her legs restless on the sheets, even as she felt the weight of him on the bed beside her, knowing he was already naked, that he already had spent awhile, watching her, teasing her with light touches so that she gained consciousness already at the edge of arousal.

. . ' Her whisper was dry, barely discernible but he heard it and made his hands just a little rough as he pushed up the edge of her nightdress over skin, warm and smooth as silk and his voice a little harsh as he replied, 'I will please both you and myself. I will.

. . ' And he did. His mouth nipping over hers, moving over her jaw, and the arch of her throat, wrapping her legs around his hips, the nightdress crushed up around her waist, as he pulled back her head to allow his lips to roam over the expanse of skin above her breasts.

She couldn't help the whimpers that escaped her as he wrenched the thin straps hindering his way to scrape his teeth over the curve of her breast, laving the slight abrasion with his tongue before taking her nipple into his mouth and suckling hard. She could hear his breathing, harsh and fast just as she knew he could smell and feel her arousal against his engorged staff.

'Damn it, please! I can't take this!' She knew she was begging. She always did. There was something about the way he touched her that made her breath catch and her body steep with arousal, making her wet and ache for the feel of him, his mouth, his fingers, his cock thrusting into her, filling her, filling all the empty places inside her.

Her hands ran restlessly over the smooth expanse of his chest, making his breath hiss out as her nails raked over his nipples and then moved lower over his stomach. She rocked against him, trying to nudge the hot, broad tip of him inside, gasping as she felt his hands manacle her wrists drawing her back and felt him lean over her, menacing, hot and hard against her.

'Look at me!' And as she responded to the harsh whisper, all she could see were the eyes, gleaming crystal eyes the color of silver. 'Look at me as I take you Sarah and know that you belong to the Prince of the Fae!' And he thrust his length into her, slamming into her. . .

'Yours. . !!' And her eyes opened wide even as the echo of her own shout resounded in her room. 'Goddamn it!' Sarah pushed her hair away from her forehead with a trembling hand as she sat up, noting the sweat and the heat despite the autumn that had come to the city.

Her sheets were damp, her nightdress twisted somewhere around her waist and she could still feel the very real ache of unfulfilled desire rack her body. She pushed away from the bed, still trembling, going to the window to look up at the sky running her hands over her face. The dreams had returned after a hiatus of nearly 10 years but they had never been this intense, this frightfully real.

She had never been able to remember them as a child and whenever relating them to her mother, could only recall the intense silver gaze that belonged to a bunny or a fairy or a cat before progressing to the knights and prince charmings of any teenager. . . .

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