Between Fae and Foe Ch. 02

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Only I grew up in circumstances far different from yours. Mortal I was but I belonged to a line of powerful women and men, that had the power to act as seers and vessels between worlds. And this meant that I grew up with a strong sense of responsibility, identifying and keeping all those parts of those worlds that could collide distinct and separate from each other.

I had vision beyond what my ancestors had seen and yet, when I met Him, it seemed all my eyes went to sleep. He was royalty, groomed since existence to govern the world of magic that existed above our own. He came from shape shifters and sorcerers and belonged to those who could alter worlds.

Beyond the time that they came to our realm for Council, their interaction with mortals was limited to invisible movement among people or preferably even more just to observing through the veils that hid them from us. It was at one of these Councils that He and I actually met. He was there to convince the others to allow the fae for a limited time to walk among humans as they are.

Shrouded in glamour suited to time and place, their true might and form concealed so as to protect the humans and the fae themselves. He suggested the fae be bound by law, by magic and by word to govern the extent of the relationships that they may form while on earth. It was scandalous! Allow magic and non-magic folk to interact.

Where it could open new doors for the fairy folk, where would it lead humankind if even a whisper of it got out. Nonetheless, he was convincing, and his eyes, gleaming gold, so much like yours had triumph and challenge in them even as he got the Council of Elders to agree. I could hardly breathe for the sight of him.

He took me and I him. There was nothing new about seers fucking fae folk but what was new, was that he loved me, or so he said. We had the ultimate clandestine wedding, shrouded by veils of time, and scattered over worlds to protect the union from the fae and my people, for such unions were prohibited before the sanctioning of crossing of worlds and after, it had been reinforced to the extent of forcing amnesia and memory loss in the humans should their be a fear of very real and very binding human emotions threaten to come to fore.

We had our own world, where we lived for a while as man and wife, bound by no laws but the immortal ones of faith and passion, and equal amounts lust and love. Unfortunately, we did get caught and were brought in front of the council to face rebuke and anger. Accusations flew around, telling us how we had risked the very balance which allowed our worlds to co-exist but we were wrapped up too securely in each other to let their arguments sway us and begged for some chance, for something that would allow us to stay.

We were offered a choice. The only way was for him to walk through a portal and lose his place in fae-dom and become mortal. And he faltered. I felt his hand drop mine and felt him step away from me even before he actually moved.

And all I remember then, is the echo of the Veiled Judgment barring me from further Councils and issuing me warnings of how should their be repercussions of the union, the child would be stripped from me to be brought up as 'al'ihan', half mortals half faes who serve the faes till they reveal their powers in which time they are allowed induction into the ranks of the warriors or failing to be anything more than mortal, reduced to be nothing more than soulless shades.

. . . .

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