Between Fae and Foe Ch. 03

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Sarah came to herself still feeling her body tremble with the aftershocks, feeling the warmth of his hand still cupping her, the fingers of the other just gently caressing the nape of her neck. Somewhere between the time where the world stopped spinning and started again, her legs had been lowered to the floor and she could sense his hardness against her and feel the scent and warmth of him clouding her shaken senses.

'Sarah. . . .

' The low whisper had her tremble just a little as she unclenched her hands from his hair, as she tried to ease away from him without opening her eyes. 'Let me go, please. . .

Somehow, she had managed to distance herself from him despite the fact that his hand was could still feel the slight spasms pulsing through her core. And he did not like that. Especially when he could still smell her, and his body was still hard with wanting to plunge into her, to thrust his tongue into her even as he possessed her totally.

'. . . Please! I'll listen to you, but just let me move away a little.

. ' Sarah sighed as she felt Ada'an's hand move away from her, felt the distance as he stepped away just enough so she could button up her jeans before she ran a shaking hand through her hair, shaking the remaining strands loose as she leaned back against the door. She could feel his gaze on her but shame, a vague sense of disbelief and guilt mingling with the resonance of very powerful lust made her reluctant to look at him just yet.

And jerked as she found her chin held by strong fingers and turned towards a countenance now grim, the molten eyes somber, that sensual mouth firmed, looking every inch the otherworldly prince. 'I don't take kindly to being ignored Mistress, especially by a woman who I felt shake in my arms!' 'I don't take kindly to being followed all over the city, regardless of how much a man, or whatever makes the earth shake for me.

' Sarah's voice was sharp as she jerked he head away from his fingers to walk past him to try and put some distance between them. She pushed the heavy mass of hair falling down her back coiling it at her nape, before collapsing onto the settee in the living room, looking up at him, back in control of whatever emotions were seething through her.

'. . . But you were saying?' So this is how it would come to be.

'You knew who I was. Am I to assume you know why I am here as well?' 'You'd assume incorrectly. But I'd guess that it has something to do with your world. ' The derisory accent of her voice had Ada'an bristling and his response was brisk.

'That world is a part of you as well!' 'I am mortal and having nothing of that world in me!' Sarah's voice was cold, her eyes hard as flint as she made her statement. 'You cannot deny that your parent was of the fae. ' 'Oh, can't I? I knew nothing of him and have nothing of him in me.

My entire life has been my mother who spent her life and her death protecting me from the likes of him. All I know of the fae is their undependability, their cruelty and their fickle nature and I disown all this if it means I have to accept him. ' Ada'an leapt to his feet, temper roiling through him as he heard this ordinary woman dismiss all that he was in one statement.

. . . .

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