Between Fae and Foe Ch. 04

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Contradictions! The air, the room and the people in its warmth were surrounded by them. The room was quiet, the stillness belying the chaos that had been wrought by its inhabitants during the night. The sun struggled to peek through the early morning fog, the chill wrapping around the figure that except for a slight tightening of her arms crossed over her chest stood still and silent by the window.

'How am I supposed to deal with this? I can't let this take me this way. How can something that is not even human, tempt me away from all that I am, all that I have, all that I know and learn with just a look? How can this passion flare like this and leave me helpless to do anything about it knowing it will burn me?' The fae watching her from the bed where he leaned against the headboard, could sense the direction of her thoughts, not because he could see the way her golden eyes flashed with annoyance, panic, a little fear, although he knew exactly how her eyes looked even though he could see just her profile and therein lay the crux of why he was so quiet while his thoughts teemed.

A frown marred his brow as he wondered what it was about this woman that was making him hesitate, wonder and yet produce such lust within him, that he could not resist. His eyes roamed over her, wrapped up in the robe from the night before, the body he had caressed every inch of, the silken soft skin that had heated under his touch, that stunning hair that had wrapped around him, brushing his skin.

. . that hidden cove that had taken him in, sheltered him and surrounded him with a sense of completion that he had never felt. .

and shook himself as he felt his body harden again. 'What is the point behind the Council wishing to see me, after all this time?' She had gone cold again. The voice although low, had none of the heat, gave no inkling of the passion he had seen, as she had arched above him, taking him in to her.

He really had to get her to stop doing that. And self derision sharpened the timbre of his voice, making her back stiffen as he told her, 'You belong to them!' And had her turning to him, the eyes flashing flames for an instant before she controlled them staying on him as he slipped off the bed, and reached for his clothes.

'Considering that my mother chose to walk back through the veil, consciously ending her alliance with the fae and the other worlds and successfully concealed me, her choice governs my destiny. ' 'Been recalling lessons, have we?' Sarah bristled at the amused mockery that she heard in the voice but struggled to remain calm and quiet.

Her emotions fuelled his for some reason, and she needed to keep control if she was to get a reasonable grip on what needed to be done. Ada'an was surprised when Sarah remained quiet in the face of his barb, but walked over to stand opposite her, tilting his head to watch her as he replied.

There were seers still who knew exactly the magic that was woven. Not all were willing to disclose all the details but we have known you existed. Your mother was powerful, revered and even in some of the fae, respected for what she did. .

. Yes, Sarah the fae has gender issues as well. . .

. . . .

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