Between Fae and Foe Ch. 05

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'. . . Thank you! We'll be in touch!' Sarah watched the applicant get up, a cold but amused smile curving her mouth an instant as he fumbled with the folder in his hands, before extending it to shake hers and the rest of the panels and exiting.

'That was colder than usual, Sarah. ' 'But necessary. He is a potential recruit for an organization that will be far more rigid in its approach than I have been. If he wets himself here, he will not be a good bet to forward.

But if you're questioning my methods?' Sarah inclined her head at the panel member before her, leaving her statement to trail off as he shook his head and took his leave of her, closing the door behind him with a distinct click. Sarah felt the fa├žade drop as she spun away from the desk to look at the creeping twilight through the window.

She was going crazy. It had been a week, long seven days in which she had counted the one hundred and sixty eight hours in eighty six thousand, four hundred minutes since she had found herself, alone, on the floor of her living room, in her own robes, the silver skein on her wrist, now cold but still very visible.

She rubbed it now, almost absently knowing that it was all that she had to prove to herself that she had been in the land of the fae for a time, not just the land but before the council where she had recounted the prophecy her mother had revealed to her. And had seen the awareness in the eyes of the fae and taken in also, that the prophecy concerned herself and Ada'an.

She let her breath out on a sigh knowing it wasn't just the revelation or the circumstances that were bothering her but also that she did not know what would happen now especially with that infernal, infuriating Prince who had become her lover, succeeding in drawing her out in a way that she had only seen in her dreams.

The disturbing dreams had stopped too, and Sarah was alarmed to think she missed the eroticism of her charged visions. But she snapped back at the crackle of the intercom as the call came through for the next meeting. 'Sarah. .

, the meeting is about to start. ' -- oooooooo -- It had been a long day, again and Sarah knew she looked exhausted. She was burning the candle at both ends but somehow, she couldn't sleep and seemed to have this constant urge to keep busy, almost afraid to know what would happen if she had time on her hands.

And Di, still wasn't back. For all her flightiness, Sarah knew she could talk to Di, even if Di recommended going to a shrink. But for now, she just wanted a bath, warm enough to sink and sleep into and it was these thoughts that led her through her apartment, dropping her jacket and scarf and pulling the pins from her hair to allow it fall from her tight scalp.

Her shoes followed and then her trousers, passing through her bedroom in darkness dressed just in a lace and froth concoction that just as soon may not be there. She walked into the bathroom, switching on lights, almost grinning at the opulence there at odds with the minimalist approach in the rest of the apartment.

It was large, since she had converted the second bedroom into her own personal fantasy. The large sunken tub had a Jacuzzi and was its own personal world, illuminated by lights placed behind glass in little alcoves in the wall. A large mirror beyond the tub, added to the size of the bathroom, with a large marble counter with the sink placed at an angle before it.

. . . .

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