Between Fae and Foe Ch. 06

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Sarah had never felt quite so at peace while sleeping. She had always been restless, prone to tossing and turning and stretching out at odd angles but she was feeling rested today. She was wrapped in a solid warm cocoon that molded itself to her movements, keeping her settled and secure through the night.

She came awake slowly, her senses noticing the small things that were different, the perfume in the air, headier, muskier, warmer if it could be teasing her nostrils, the smooth expanse of skin against her back and the heavy arm wrapped around her waist letting her know that her lover was still here.

Lover? Sarah felt a smile curve her mouth at the realization that he was her lover. He had been her lover long before the reality of him ever made sense to her. And now with her body still feeling the lingering effects of his efforts, and with him assailing her senses first thing in the morning, it would hardly do to go off tangent because of it.

She had always been pragmatic if nothing else. She still had the smile on her face as she turned under his arm, feeling it wrench tight for just a moment before relaxing as his subconscious registered that she was still there. Sarah looked at him now, the strength of his features serene in sleep.

His beauty had always mesmerized her. It had been part of his draw but Sarah knew that his nature, his arrogance, and hidden in all that the consideration that he had shown her whether in her dreams or over the last few days had made that draw stronger and all that harder to resist. She leaned forward now, irresistibly pulled to place her mouth in a soft touch on his forehead, on the bridge of his nose, and lower to gently touch his upper and then his lower lip with her mouth.

She pulled back for an instant to see if he stirred, but beyond the flickering motion of his dreams that she could see under the fine skin of his eyelids, he was still. Sarah found herself moving towards him again, tracing the soft curve of his mouth with just the tip of her tongue before shifting her mouth in the same gentle motion over his chin and the underside of his jaw.

Her hands moved of their own accord to press against his shoulder, pushing him so he rested on his back, slowly, moving with him so that her body now lay prone against his, his arm resting below hers while her leg tangled between his. She stilled for an instant, but hearing the regular sound of his breathing, lifted her head to kiss the centre of his chest, dragging her hand down to rub over his left nipple, while her tongue moved to gently lick his right.

She felt some indication of his growing awareness, when he trembled in response to her moving lower down his body, the long strands of her hair trailing over his arm and his chest as she kissed over his stomach, moving the sheet out of the way. She kissed her way lower over the smooth skin at the juncture of his thighs, as hairless as her own, and as sensitive to the touch as she felt the goose bumps rise over the area in the wake of her tongue.

Sarah knew Ada'an was on the brink of consciousness as she registered the tension in his legs beneath her even as she moved so her hair brushed over the now standing length of his cock an instant before she lifted her mouth to it, and felt him jerk to wakefulness with the damp heat of her mouth on his tip.

. . . .

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