Between Fae and Foe Ch. 08

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No excuses except a major Writer's block initiated because of exams. Hopefully, the next installment will not take so long. Please continue reading and supporting my work through your votes and feedback. Jaded! -8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8- 'Ada'an.

. . . Ada'an.

. . ' Ada'an struggled to shake off the darkness that was clouding his senses, opening his lids with great effort as if they were leaden down with heavy weights. He came to slowly, feeling an unbearable weakness in his limbs, and the most colossal of headaches.

'A little 'hung over', my Prince?' The cold tone had Ada'an turning his head to look at Ah'veel, who stood near him. And yet, could not bring him-self to answer which had the Elder's eyes flicker with worry. As Ada'an turned his head away again, he noted dispassionately that he was in one of Ah'veel's own chambers, clear white domes and arches gilded in brilliant blues and silvers to match the eiderdown that covered him.

'Ada'an. . . ' Softer now, Ada'an could hear the undertone of concern but was unable to address it.

His mind was suddenly flooded with images of what had happened. The last thing he remembered was Sarah's eyes flashing with cold triumph as she rode him, pulling his power from him, helpless under the magic of her body squeezing him like a vice, holding him within and finally that chilling yet seductive laughter that echoed even as he collapsed.

'It wasn't Sarah, anymore Ada'an. The faemoré are too cruel to be thought of by the name that you identified what they were. ' 'It was Sarah's body that held me, my lord. Her hands branded my skin where they touched, and her eyes that blazed with fire and burned me.

' 'You know better than that my Prince because you know more of the faemoré to make such trivial a judgment. ' Ada'an jerked up from the rest, a hand going to hold his head, a curse erupting from him but preferring to remain upright and his tone was harsh, rough with the remnants of pain and the conflict of emotions within him.

He was remotely aware that he had been fed power from other fae to revive him. Being a prince did have privileges including the fact that his strength had allowed him to survive rather than turn to dust but he was still weak and his emotions still too raw for him to be objective about the whole chain of events.

'I thought she was stronger than that!! She could have fought it. You, yourself had said that her mortal half was strong enough to sustain her, yet at the first opportunity she gave into that hunger to become a beast. ' 'And who gave her that opportunity Prince Ada'an?' The cold rejoinder made Ada'an still as he watched Mo'ho'gra walk into the chamber, those eyes so much like Sarah's blazing with fury.

'My lord. . . ' 'Silence! You, who apparently should have known better allowed that essential, male element of you govern any and all good sense you might have had knowing what you did of the faemoré and the containment itself.

' 'And of course, my Lord you would know all about that essential male element that destroys good sense. After all, that is how your daughter came to be!' A sudden crack filled the air as Mo'ho'gra's fingers raised, lightening sparking from them as he raised them towards Ada'an who now stood braced by the bed, his head held high, his silver eyes gleaming with red, hot temper.

. . . .

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