Bicycle Mechanic 1

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Cindy is 18 and my wife is now 39. They are both the loves of my life. Cindy, a long legged blonde, is in her senior year at high school and is planning to go to a prestigious college up north in the fall. That is the reason why she and her mom were at the mall.

Cindy was getting a clothing overhaul. She had nice clothes but my wife wanted her to be ready for school and a Saturday while school was still in session seemed like the best time to blow into the mall and spend some quality time together. For me, this Saturday was going to be a day of quiet vegetation.

I planned to watch a game of baseball on the tube, read up the garage, and maybe sneak in a jerk off session if the mood took me. My buddy who downloads porn like a madman gave me a disk full of college sweethearts in various cram sessions. I had perused it last night and found a video about a little blonde going door to door selling magazine subscriptions and finding nothing but perverts at every house.

Now if you are like me, you store crap on top of crap. My garage is a maze of various things I think are too good for the trash but not worthy of being placed in the house. I have stuff that I have kept because it is of good quality that I swore10 odd years ago that I might need or might find a use for it someday.

Of course that day never comes and in the meantime more useful crap comes along and gets stored right next to it. My head swooned as I looked out at the garage and I debated walking right back in the house and getting to that jerk off session. Well, the responsible side of me won out and I went to the refrigerator we have out in the garage grabbed a beer and popped the top.

With my first swig, I pushed the garage door opener and watched as the door climbed open and hoped nothing stored by it got caught on the door and busted the damn thing. I took another swig and turned on the radio I have on top of the water heater and tuned it to a classic rock station. I don't know any of the new music and only know of one station.

The station was playing blocks of music by various bands and telling the listeners some useless trivia about the members between songs. You know the kind of crap that when you were younger seemed so important but you could careless about now that you are paying bills and they are living in a mansion.

'The lead guitarist of Spandex Thong has six fingers on each hand and believes it helps contribute to his ability to finger through the notes faster. ' Duh! I spotted a box I didn't recognize and thought I'd investigate it before getting started. It was thrown on top of all the other stuff so I figured it had to be new.

I set down my beer and opened it up. It was flap-closed. I pulled in the middle and the box exploded. Apparently my wife or daughter had stuffed the box so full that it was ready to burst.

Out of the box sprung clothing and as it flew by me and fell to the floor and on various boxes and furniture in the garage, I realized it was my wife and daughter's clothes. . . .