Bookworm Ch. 01

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This is meant to be a slow build type of story. Regardless, any feedback is appreciated. ***** I breathed a heavy sigh. Today was my first day of my new job at Holster's Book store, a tiny hole in the wall shop.

Apparently, nobody needed a communications expert, so I needed to make this work. The pay was going to be good enough to live comfortably on my own, so that was good, as long as I was happy with a studio (note: I wasn't). I figured I'd have to rough it out for a bit until I can find something more substantial.

My name is Mitch. I'm twenty two years old, but I look much younger. I'm super short for a dude, only 5'4', and skinny as a rail, weighing 130 pounds soaking wet. Most of the chicks I've dated were taller than me with heels.

I have brown hair that is just a tad too long at the moment (I'll cut it when I get my first pay check), and I'm not too pale for a white boy. For the foreseeable future, I would be covering the late shift at Holster's. I have always been one to maintain a positive attitude, and that wasn't about to change here.

I held my head up high, made sure my shirt was tucked in, and walked in confidently. Abigail, the woman who interviewed me, was waiting inside. She was a slightly older woman, maybe in her mid to late 40s. She was very nice and soft spoken.

Her big smile was as genuine as a child's, and she welcomed me graciously. She was super thrilled to have another person helping out. There was a rather cramped counter that appeared to be kept fairly clean. Behind the counter, there was a door that led to what appeared to be a breakroom.

In front were rows and rows of books. Everything seemed tidy in here, with a few books strewn about, and some coffee tables and chairs here and there to give people places to study. There was no coffee here, although there was a coffee shop next door. I guess it made sense.

'Absolutely, teach me everything, I can't wait to start helping,' I replied, trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible. I didn't want to come off as ungrateful. She was so nice, and this place obviously meant so much to her. I was going to give this 110%.

'Wonderful,' she said. 'I actually have to get going, Brenda will be teaching you. She's in the breakroom right now, but she's been here for a year now, so she pretty much knows everything. You two will be covering the night shift.

' She led me behind the counter, where she began gathering her purse and a few other bags. 'She should be coming out about now, Brenda! Brenda, Mitch is here! Your trainee is here!' Out of the breakroom door came a huge girl, and when I say huge, I mean huge. She had to be around 5'10, and at least 300 pounds.

She had long, curly light brown hair, and a somewhat cute face with a button nose. I'm not a pervert, but it was impossible not to notice that a lot of her weight had to be carried in her breasts and butt. She was wearing a one piece blouse, teal and red in color, that showed off more than a few women's share of cleavage.

While this description seems crude, it is important to note that she was actually a cute girl, just very obese. She had the sweetest smile plastered on her face. 'I'm Brenda!' she said, extending her beefy hand towards me. 'Mitch, pleasure to meet you.

. . . .