Bookworm Ch. 02

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She had on some shorts that showed a bit more leg than yesterday. We hung out and talked for a while, it seemed like there was so much free time that we could get away with it. 'Okay, are you ready to learn how to stock books?' 'Yep, let's get to it. ' 'Cool.

So all you need to do is grab one of these piles,' she said, pointing to some small piles of books on the counter. 'Then go to the section they belong to and start putting them on the shelf. Of course, it's alphabetized by the last name of the author. ' 'Makes sense.

I'll do the science fiction, since it's kind of my forte. ' She laughed. 'So you're a big nerd huh?' We were talking as we walked to the book shelves. 'I wouldn't consider myself a huge nerd or anything.

I like Star Wars, but who doesn't. I can get into some really old school, like, cheesy fifty movies and stuff. I just think the concepts are fun, and sometimes hilarious. ' 'Star Wars was fun.

I think I saw the third one. Or was it the sixth one? I don't really understand, someone tried to explain it to me. It had the girl in the golden bikini. ' 'Oh yeah, Princess Leia, meowww!' I said, laughing.

'Haha,' she laughed. 'She's brave getting into that thing. I could never do something like that. ' 'Yeah, it's pretty wild.

I mean, she was clearly a sex slave. That movie generally felt like it was being aimed at children, what with the ewoks, but then there she was. George Lucas is a strange guy. So, what section are you working on?' She replied 'I'm doing the romance novels.

You'd be surprised, but romance novels are some of our biggest sellers. The girls love them. ' 'Do you read them?' I asked. 'Naw, not too much.

I'm not huge on reading books. Besides, if I wanted drama, I would just talk to my boyfriend more. ' It got a bit quiet, but she picked it up. 'Speaking of romance, is there a magic girl in your life?' 'No, I'm single.

Being 5'4 generally limits guys like me. Girls like the tall guys. ' 'Aw that's not true! You're cute! You could get a lot of girls. You just gotta have confidence and pretty much anybody is available to you.

' Just then, the door came open and a girl walked in. She was about my height and weighed maybe 100 pounds. She went directly to the non fiction section. Brenda started whispering.

I noticed as she hunched over, her huge breasts, despite being trapped in a shirt, covered my view of most of her body. 'Isn't she cute? Is that the kind of girl you go for?' I looked at her for a second. 'She's pretty cute. I don't know if she would be my first pick or anything.

. . ' She pumped up a bit. 'Well then what's your type? You like girls with more curves?' As she said this, I got the vision in my head of making out with her.

I would have my head tilted up, with my chin basically resting on her huge boobs. 'I'd like to buy this book please,' came a voice, cutting through my temporary lapse of judgment. I shook my head and walked with her towards the cash register. When I was done there, I took a break.

These were popular books that we wanted to advertise on the tops of the shelves, where people couldn't reach. We obviously carried the books on the regular shelves, these were just an advertisement. Brenda wheeled out a ladder and explained to me that I had to climb up it and simply place the books on the shelf at a diagonal angle.

. . . .