Booty IM

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*This is a true encounter between a wonderful friend and fuck buddy from back home… Oh how I miss Him!* “Hey, what’cha doin’?” the message read. “Nuttin’,” I replied. “You can’t nut,” he wrote back. “You’re a girl.

” “LOL,” was all I could think of to say back. About a minute passed before another IM appeared on my Yahoo! Messenger window. “So, really, what’cha doing?” “Nothing really,” I replied, honestly. “Little bored, little tired, a lot horny.

” “Oh really?” came his reply, and at that moment I could picture Steve sitting over in his apartment, naked, perking up. “Feel like a booty call?” I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. “Yeah, sure,” I said. “Come on over.

” No sooner than he got his reply out Steve was logged off! That meant I had to hurry. Sure, he said see you in thirty, but that was always a guess based on traffic, and at 3 am in winter it wasn’t likely that the roads would be packed. Quickly I set my away message, Busy getting laid! Leave a message if ya want, and hit the power button on my monitor.

It went black. I stood up from my computer and made my way to the front door of my apartment and unlocked it. Two tasks done. I then made my way to the hall and grabbed two towels from the linen closet, one for my hair and the other for my body.

I stripped off my tee-shirt and boxers and stepped into the shower. I placed my right hand on the shower wall, leaned forward, and allowed the water to stream down the back of my head and over my neck, shoulders, and back. The hot water felt deliciously wonderful against my straining muscles that were already feeling the burn from the night’s previous two fucks.

Since I had already showered that morning, and once again between the earlier fuckings, I didn’t worry about washing my hair. I needed only worry about the crucial areas. I grabbed my loofah from its hook against the shower wall and my Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body wash and set to work.

The soapy loofah smelled invigorating with my body wash as I lathered it across my skin. I started with my tits. With a circular motion, I worked the lather along my left tit. Over, under, and all around the soft sponge went.

Both hands went up to my soapy nipples and I pinched them until they were taut and standing out at their full half inch in length. With the loofah I soaped up the hairless snatch and then passed it a couple of times past my puckered asshole. Setting the loofah back on the hook, I continued to rub my cunt and asshole with my hands.

I slid my fingertips over my clit and shuddered. The warm feeling sent shivers down my spine. I was enjoying my self-romp, but I knew it had to come to an end. I wanted to be blindfolded and on my bed by the time Steve got here, so I quickly rinsed off and got out of the shower.

Quickly I threw my towel off my midsection and jumped onto the bed. I landed on my back and rolled slightly to the right. I picked up my folded bandana and slide it around my eyes, tying it into a tight knot at the back of my head. Next I reached for my favorite lil’ clit buzzer.

. . . .