Born Into Darkness Ch. 13

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School is taking up a lot of my writing time, and I didn't pass this by my editor yet oops. The book will still continue not to worry my lovey fans, thank you all for the lovely and emails I get from you all daily it helps a lot. *** Its official he's so close to losing his marbles, his sisters haven't left Sophie's side since yesterday and it was pissing him off, yet he was happy that they got along well.

But he has gone a day without feeling his mate in his arms or having her in his fucking bed, he did not get one ounce of sleep last night, even though he used to not sleeping for days even weeks before he even met his mate, but now that he had Sophie, sleep became a routine. And not just because he and Sophie went at it like bunnies each night, but because it somehow crated a stronger bond between them, it sounds weird but expressing something as simple as sleeping with your significant other is hard to put in words.

'Dean! Baby, are you in the gaming room playing with your toys?' Dean heard Sophie's voice as well as her footsteps as she walked closer to him. He smiled to himself, it was about time she remembered about him. Fuck him, he sounded like Kell now, the fucker was starting to rub his bitch-ness on him.

'Yeah honey I'm here, I'm working actually. ' He said muttering the last part. He called the new owner of the tech industry since he resigned all power to him cause frankly it was a waste of time, it was time to move on, all he had to do to make it official was send his last batch of doo hickeys he made like a hologram map for any time of GPS, he even had time to make a watch that created a hologram of the other person who wore the other identical watch, but he was keeping the watches for himself they'll come in handy.

Honestly he could just use his powers to make all of that, but they worked better when made by hand and because he just feels like putting his sweat and blood when it came to his work. Sophie walked in the room wearing jean cutoffs that were too short, but he was not about to complain because it made her ass look good and the plain crop shirt she had on with her gold hoops made him think of some very naughty things that made his buddy, hard and grow under his jeans, thank Zeus he was too lazy to wear underwear and went commando cause he would have been grabbing his junk to accommodate his hard on.

She walked up to him and pecked him on the cheek with her soft plump lips he would rather see wrapped around his hardening cock. Then hopped up to sit on top of the table where he was working. 'I got away from your sisters finally, they went to go clear up something back at Olympus so they can spend the rest of their time here.

We're going to watch a movie, I wanted to ask if you want to join. ' Sophie said as she messed around with spare parts that were scattered around the table. His curious little mate picked up the plasma gun he made not that long ago, before he met her, but it was a little unstable and was way too sensitive.

Before he could take it from her hands Sophie had already aimed it towards the blank wall and actually fired. Shots fire and blasted a hole straight through the wall revealing a very naked Roxana and Ajax who's room was next room. Sophie squeaked and dropped the gun to the floor than covered her eyes, like a child who caught their parents kissing.

. . . .