Break time for Kathy

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Kathy was 35 years old, but didn’t look it. She was slightly built, with thin but shapely legs, and a modest bust. Her black hair had not a single silver strand yet. She easily could pass for ten years younger.

She loved her job, teaching her fifth grade class. The k**s were still k**s. Cute, inquisitive, often eager to learn. Afterward, she wondered what made her do it.

She’d been feeling so horny. And she felt so sexy. So on that day, she just “forgot” to put on her panties. Her skirt was cut just a couple inches above her knees, so she was still covered for modesty’s sake.

In the teachers’ lounge, she felt so very sexy. She had considered casually spreading her legs as she sat sipping coffee, chatting with the other teachers before heading to her classroom, but thought better of it. Nevertheless, the thought of doing it moistened her sex, and just made her all the more horny.

It was the last day before Christmas break, and the k**s were pretty excited about a two week break. Kathy, Miss Smith to her class, was excited about it too. The morning had passed as it usually does, with math and English lessons. Though excited, the k**s were quietly doing their work.

She really wished she could touch herself, but she dared not. Instead, she crossed her legs, causing the skirt to ride up just a bit. When she did so, she saw Richie in the first row stealing a peek. The thought of him seeing her both terrified and excited her.

She rocked her foot a bit, the motion stimulating her sex, and inflaming her growing lustiness. She glanced at Richie out of the corner of his eye. Yes, he was glancing up at her with regularity. She’d caught him before, staring at her legs.

Impulively, she switched legs, crossing the opposite way, turned just so, if Richie were peeking, he’d get a little flash. She glanced again as she did so, and saw his eyes dart to her when she moved. She saw his eyes widen slightly, and his lips part. Inwardly, she smiled.

He’d seen. Somewhere in her mind, a part of her was screaming to stop it. But she rationalized. This we Richie’s last day here.

She’d probably never see him again, and truth was, he was a bright, engaging boy, and she had enjoyed him from the first day of class. The bell rang for lunch. She supervised the k**s getting their things and heading to the lunchroom. Richie managed to put himself very close to his teacher.

This had gone too far, she tried to tell herself. She finished her lunch, having admonished herself not to do that again. The k**s were getting more and more wound up. She had to work hard to maintain control of the class, and it helped her get her mind off of Richie.

She had covered the final subject for the day, and told the class to read quietly for a half hour, and then she would let them talk. She’d been through this before. They were going to talk the final hour of the day regardless of whether she gave them permission or not, so her “deal” had bought her an hour of silence.

She sat again at her desk, and began to read herself. But she stole a glance over at Richie, who was obviously not reading, but was staring openly at her legs. It moistened her immediately. She was acutely aware of it.

. . . .