Brenda’s New Doctor

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I had just finished shaving and showering. Brenda, my girlfriend, was still asleep. Or, so I thought. I pulled on my underwear and a pair of jeans.

When I left the bathroom to find a shirt and socks so I could go mow the lawn, I entered the bedroom and I heard her call out. 'Doctor,' she said in a soft voice. I went to the bedside. 'Doctor, oh, thank God you're here,' she said.

She was crumpled in bed, her dark brown over her face and pillow and the sheets twisted around her. One of her shapely legs was kicked out from under the comforter. Intuitively, I decided to play along. 'What is it?' 'Doctor, I feel awful.

I'm all hot. I'm hot, and bothered,' she said. She almost giggled, and smiled up at me for a second before wiping the grin off her face. 'How long have you been feeling this way?' I asked her.

'For about three hours, I think. But it just keeps getting worse. I was feeling less hot, and now I'm really bothered,' she said. 'Well, I'm going to have to perform a very thorough examination,' I told her.

'Do you know what's wrong?' she asked hopefully. 'I think I might, but I want to make sure my diagnosis is correct,' I told her. I lifted the sheets, revealing her teddy bear sleep shirt and panties—her going to bed uniform. 'Let's get these off of you.

It wasn't unusual for us to start Saturday morning with some time between the sheets. As she lay back down, Brenda pulled her hair away from her face and colleted it around her neck. The thick, dark auburn locks were just long enough to reach her shoulder and wavy with fluffy, natural curls.

As I stood next to the bed, I admired her shapely body. From our picnics near the lake the last three weekends, her tan lines were quite pronounced and blended the contrast of her darkening olive skin with the white sheets in the bed. I gently massaged them, caressing her skin with my palms and teasing her nipples with my fingertips.

Her tits are perfect, large mounds of soft, warm flesh. Capped by tight springy nipples, they're sensitive to my touch and are an endless source of my fantasies. She shares her chest with me freely. 'Oh, doctor.

They're sore,' she said. 'Are they? Is it as sharp pain?' I tried to ask her in my most clinical voice. 'No, just a dull throbbing. But you're already helping with that,' she told me.

'Does this help?' I asked her as I gently squeezed her breasts before rubbing her skin and releasing her flesh in a gentle upward motion. 'Or does this feel better?' I gently squeezed each of her nipples between my fingers before pulling them slightly before they popped from my grasp. 'Oh, my,' she said.

'They throb less when you hold them, but pulling on them makes me ache somewhere else. ' 'And where is that aching?' I asked her, letting go of her breasts. She used one hand and pressed into the small of her belly, just above her mound. 'Here,' she said.

'When you pull, it hurts in here like I'm getting really hungry,' she said. 'Let's see about that,' I said. 'Please part your legs for me. ' Brenda did as her new doctor told her, revealing her remarkable pussy.

Her athletic body had thick thighs and a tiny butt, and it sometimes seemed like there wasn't an ounce of fat on her. She trims her hair into just a tiny thin strip and her mons pubis is rather thick, producing a noticeable bulge in her panties and bikini. . .

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