Brenda’s New Doctor

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We've initiated more than one sexual encounter after she's caught me staring at the bulge in her panties. 'Just a little more,' please. Her legs went from modestly parted to a nearly vulgar split. But her treasure was revealed, her pouting bud peeking from her thick outer lips.

With her legs open, I leaned over the bed and gently caressed her slit with my knuckles. She sighed. 'Did that hurt you?' I asked. 'No,' she said.

'It tingles. ' 'I see. ' I gently spread her folds with one hand, and pressed a finger between her lips with the other. Her body opened to me, and a thick bead of her moisture ripped gently from her body.

'Hmmm,' I mumbled. Leaning forward, I gently and suddenly penetrated her with my finger. She gasped, then wiggled. The heat inside her was intense.

I withdrew my finger, trying to maintain my feigned professional appearance and not let on the wave of desire I felt after fingering her cunt. 'You're certainly hot,' I said. 'Oh, my god. Is it serious?' She asked.

'Please let me finish, I'll be done in a second,' I told her. I held her lips open and abruptly rubbed my fingertips over her clit. It popped from its folds at the top of her pussy, and I rubbed it directly again. She groaned.

'I see,' I said. She caught her breath quickly, then asked: 'Is it serious?' 'Yes, I'm afraid it is. You're definitely hot, and you're very bothered. I'll have to begin treatment immediately.

' 'Oh, no. Will it take long? What will you do?' 'I have a unique physical therapy that I'd like to try with you. It might be uncomfortable initially, and it's a lot of work for me. But I think it will make you feel better.

We were both laying it on thick, and our acting skills were wavering. My patient was smiling openly, now, despite my dire diagnosis. 'I'll ask you to refrain from asking questions until I'm done. ' 'Okay,' she said.

I dropped my pants and revealed my throbbing cock. Swiftly, and with her full cooperation, I mounted Brenda. Immediately, I began pumping myself into her as hard as I could. She groaned and cupped her chest as her boobs bounced and the bed squeaked.

I was excited as she appareltny was, and quickly approached my first orgasm. My loins tightened and I withdrew from her body, kneeling above. 'Here's the topical,' I grunted as I sprayed my load onto her belly. 'Rub that into your skin.

' Brenda began pushing my white splatters of cum across the small of her belly with her tanned fingers. The beads of pearly spunk contrasted with her sun-kissed hands, and she panted and as she looked down towards her own groin. Still stiff, I pushed myself into her again and she gasped.

She started strumming her clit with her cum-soaked fingers under me as I continued to plow into her. As I reached my climax, I announced that I was delivering her injection and she should start feeling better soon. Just as I began pushing my load inside her, she reached her own orgasm and squealed with delight.

We clawed and bumped our way through the summit of our passion and as it subsided we collapsed. After necking for a moment, we giggled at our hammy role-playing and then dozed off to let the grass grow and Saturday wait. . .

. . . .

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