Brennus and Victoria Ch. 02

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Day 2 I awake and am unsure of my surroundings, then realize I am at my new home and, to my horror my new husband is lying next to me, encircling my body with his. His arm is over my upper body and holding my hand by my head. It's chilly out, and I realize his warmth feels good, but I hate him, and my face still aches from his slap the night before.

I wonder, did he do that to give me my space and time as promised, or did he just want to party more after the wedding. I gently ease myself out of the bed and manage to not wake him. I find my trunk has been hauled into the room and is near the wardrobe, so I go and find something to wear, all that was left for me in the room yesterday was a thin robe.

And, the ribbons to put back my waist length curly red hair. Then I realize, until he wakes up I've nothing to do, the guard outside the door yesterday was instructed not to let me out without Brennus. I chose a book from the shelf and sit by the window and read. 'You're up.

I turn my head and raise my book, I don't want to look at him, and it is improper. Then I realize, perhaps it isn't improper, after what occurred last night. 'Are you hungry? Or are you just ignoring me? I said I would give you some time, but I won't tolerate your being rude or disrespectful, to me or anyone else.

' 'Oh, I'm sorry, um, yes, I'm famished. ' He begins to dress quickly and says, 'We will go down for breakfast, after that I have work to do, I will assign you a maid and a guard and you may have the run of the castle and yard, but be back for dinner. ' 'Thank you, the view from this window is lovely, the gardens below, they are gorgeous.

He notices my face, that I have noticed. 'I don't think he needs to be there, you wouldn't be able to leave the castle, so I'm not very concerned, besides my report for the day was that you behaved and were nice to everyone. ' 'Yes, I am nice, I don't go around hitting people and forcing them into things.

'Are you implying that I am not nice? I think you need to learn a thing or two about how some things work. First, last night, you swore to love, honor, and obey me. I have told you to be respectful, last night when you weren't I did hit you, but it fixed the problem, didn't it?' 'It didn't fix the problem, it made me afraid of you.

Is that what you want? For me to be respectful of you out of fear, and not because I think you are someone worthy of my respect?' 'What are you talking about, you are afraid of me?' 'Yes, somewhat less now than last night, but still yes. ' 'I don't want to rule our relationship with fear, how do I fix this?' 'I don't know, it will take time, I need to know you aren't going to hit me, and it is more than just a promise, I'm afraid of you, afraid that even if you promised, you would lose your temper and hit me.

. . . .