Brennus and Victoria Ch. 02

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' I think about this and decide it may work after all. Then I realize I want to go to bed, but with him in the room, I would have to change in front of him. 'Would you step out of the room so I can change into my night shirt?' 'I've already seen you naked, and made love to you, I think you can change with me in the room.

I'll start a fire though, and you can change while I've got my back turned, if that makes you feel better. ' While he starts the fire I quickly change into my night shirt and then take a seat in the chair near the fire where I left my book from this morning. 'You want to read? I thought maybe we could talk and get to know each other.

I think you would be more comfortable here if you knew me. ' -------------------------------- Several hours and many stories and questions later I announce I'm ready for bed. 'I think that is not a bad idea,' Brennus agrees as he moves over to the wardrobe and begins to undress, un-bothered by my watching him.

'Why is it that you are so comfortable with being naked in front of me, and I'm a stranger?' 'You're my wife, and I'm not ashamed of my body. ' 'Well I'm not ashamed of my body, but that doesn't mean I want to go prancing around in the nude. ' He comes over to me, naked, picks me up, and as I begin to fear that we will have a repeat of last night, he lays me in the blankets of the bed, and then crawls in beside me, without touching me, wishes me goodnight and asks if I might give him a good night kiss.

As we start to kiss he holds my face in his hands, and moves down to my neck and shoulders. He leans up and next to me on one of his arms, kissing me, stroking my shoulder and upper arm with his other hand. It feels so good, it's warm, and soft, and I reach my hands up to hold his face and caress his neck and shoulders.

'I'm sorry, we should stop now, unless, you wanted to make love, which I doubt you would consent to after last night. ' 'It wasn't that bad, well the act itself wasn't, but I don't like how it occurred, and I don't think I'm ready yet. ' 'I understand, roll over, I'll hold you, it gets kind of drafty in here, I don't want you getting cold.

' I do and we go to sleep as we woke up, except, I wonder, will this last? . . . .

. . . .