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I had met him on a dating service (which will go un-named). He had no face, just a name. Why not, I asked myself. If it didn't work I could always put him on my ignore list, like I had Fred.

But he's another story. He had left me a message in my inbox there. I don't check it that often and, usually, unless I'm paying attention, they get thrown. And as usual, I had gotten a feeling I had gotten a message.

I went in expecting nothing because sometimes those feelings are just me hoping like hell that it happened. I logged in and saw it. I figured he was from around by me since that was one of the options I put, and people look for someone nearby. The message said to e-mail him and had the address.

Why not, I was looking for someone. Someone I'd have sex with or someone I'd have a relationship with. So I copied his e-mail address, and re-logged in to my mail service. He was worth it.

I never lose a guy's e-mail address. NEVER. I pasted it into the to line and sent him an e-mail letting him know who it was. We e-mailed back and forth.

I told him that I'm an open book, so he could ask whatever he wanted. The next e-mail I got said something to the effect of he didn't know whether to ask me if/what kind of pets I have, or when the last time I got laid. So I told him: one dog, two cats and a bird that is either in love with me, OR he sees the reflection in my glasses, and December 31.

He told me later that a part of him was hoping I'd tell him when I last got laid and part was wanting to find that I wouldn't say it. A FEW and I mean a few (from the 28 of the past month to the 3rd of the current month [31]) days we had shown each other pictures of each other's bodies, an heads, both of his.

He just left for the first time and I can faintly smell his cologne if I turn my head to the left at just the correct angle. Anyway, I had given him directions that the Internet said. Those were messed up. He found his way to the city, just not to my house.

I had given him personal directions the day before, and he used those. I was getting nervous, he was supposed to be here at 10 after and the time, 20 after. Then a few moments later, he was here. NICE car, it was black shiny and new.

It was melt worthy he is a good kisser. His hand trailed down to my left breast and played with it for a while. I then started rubbing his erection through his jeans. He and I played a while on the couch, and then I started sucking his dick.

It tasted better than most. I undid his jeans pulled his boxers and jeans to his knees and started to suck his dick. He then took off his jeans completely while I took off my shirt. I have no clue when his shirt came off, but it did.

I took his dick out of my mouth to put a condom on and I had grabbed his dick with my teeth just to give him a little extra. That's when he asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. With his skin still in my mouth, I shook my head no. .

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