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He asked again and I shook my head again. I hadn't realized that he came, until I saw a clear streak just under his left nipple. I IMMEDIATELY started licking it up. Cum cannot go to waste around me.

I started sucking his dick again and saw some cum had gotten into his bellybutton. I licked that up. I then suggested we go to my room. He agreed.

I had bent over to pick up the condom I had tried to put on but failed, he had gone limp. Who could blame him, he had just came two seconds earlier. He got behind me and started rubbing his dick into my slit. I said if we ever get there.

We made it to my room and I had turned on the florescent light. I warned him after it came on. I knew what I was doing that was all that mattered. Which caught him by surprise.

I then unplugged it because a deer caught in headlights look is not what you want to see when it’s just starting to feel good. We moved into various positions. I straddled him he straddled me. It was a VERY surprising thing to me for him to have straddled me.

I then told him I wanted it up my ass, and turned so I had my ass to him. I don't know how or what happened, nor when but I do know that he had fingered me to a great orgasm. And I knew he had one in my ass, and at least one in my pussy. GOD that was great.

He must have been horny or wanted to get hard for me because I just knew he was rubbing his dick. Somewhere I had asked him to lie down and I started sucking his dick. He said something to the effect of me sucking his dick had to be made illegal. I said then I couldn't do it, and he agreed.

I jerked him off, and sucked him then he started tapping my arm in an excited way. He told me before that was how he lets girls know he's going to cum. It took me a second, but I remembered and wrapped my lips around his dick. Immediately his hot cum shot into my mouth.

He was lying there, moaning and he just kept coming and coming. I hugged him a couple of times, he hugged me a couple of times and he left. I hope that turns into more, but I don't want to rush it. He's a great guy and I'd like it very much if it turns out for more.


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