Brian’s Crush

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Brian didn't want to move. He didn't want to quit his job cleaning rooms at the nursing room. It wasn't that he loved cleaning up shit. It wasn't even because he'd miss some of the cool old people that lived there, although he would.

Brian had a crush. The very first crush of his life, in fact. In high school, he had sex with every single member of the varsity cheer squad. Something that he was rather proud of, but it had been too easy.

They were all thin, big-breasted girls with big mouths and hollow heads. At the time, this had been immensely satisfying to Brian. But he was tired of easy, brash women. He never would have imagined it possible to grow tired of them, but he was.

Claire was a fellow housekeeper in the nursing home. She was, at least for the present, the most beautiful woman Brian had ever seen. She was going to college, and worked in the evenings. Claire's face looked to Brian like that of a princess in a storybook.

Claire had auburn hair that looked smoother than satin. Unfortunately, at work she always wore it in a bun, Brian supposed, to keep it out of the toilets when she cleaned them. He had seen her take it out after work, though. He had seen it tumble gratefully down her back after a long day.

Her ass, though, was Claire's best feature by far. It was the roundest, plumpest little ass he had ever seen on someone with such a tiny waist. He knew if he were to touch that ass, he would cum immediately. Claire tits were sweet little things, too.

Surprisingly small for the size of her ass, but cute nonetheless. And now Brian was moving. It was the summer after high school graduation, and he was going away to college. Damn it, why didn't he approach Claire all summer? She was so quiet.

Brian was fairly sure he had never once heard the girl's voice. He was mostly afraid to speak to her because he was terrified that the woman of his dreams would reject him cold. It was rare for Brian to meet anyone of the female persuasion that did not smile and giggle in his direction, or at least make eyes at him.

Claire didn't even seem to know he was alive. More than once, Brian had stepped into a vacant room, and jacked-off when Claire had bent over to pick something up, and the view of her ass had gotten him instantly hard. Now this was his last day at Pineview, and more likely than not, the last time that he'd ever see Claire.

He had to do something. Anything. Brian stood behind her as she clocked out, trying to figure out what to say. His heart was pounding.

He couldn't believe that any woman was actually making him this nervous. 'Hello,' Brian said. Claire turned around, and looked like a deer in headlights for a moment. 'Hello,' She replied slowly.

'Claire O'Neill,' She answered, looking at him carefully. 'I'm Brian Morris,' He said, 'Can we talk somewhere?' Claire just nodded her head. Brian led her to the break room, which he knew would be empty. They sat down together in their matching uniforms.

Brian didn't know how to start, but he knew he couldn't back out at this point. 'Claire, I have to confess something to you. I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. More than anything I'd love to get to know you,' Brian stopped, waiting for any reply.

. . . .

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